Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Discussion Questions Grapes of Wrath Period 1 Post Here


  1. Is there any symbolism or deeper meaning to the turtle in chapter 3?
    Why does Muley stay even though all of his friends and family have left?
    Becca G

  2. Does the turtle represent the long and slow journey ahead of Tom. If so why is he kept for only two/three chapters then let go.
    Why does Steinbeck, who includes so much biblical symbolism, have the only preacher present in the story portray the least 'religious' of the characters?

  3. How did Jim Casy not know what was happening to the Joad's and their town?
    Will Jim Casy include religion more in his life because of what he learned?
    Tom S

  4. Why do you believe that Jim Casey still continues to talk like a preacher even though he is no longer one?
    What characteristics does Tom Joad possess that make him seem like a powerful figure?

  5. Does Steinbeck use Tom Joad as a figure of change and great responsibility in society?
    Does the turtle in chapter 3 symbolize migrant workers on their journey to California and their struggle to find jobs and provide shelter for their family?
    Ariana D.

  6. Why does Steinbeck devote an entire chapter to a turtle's movement across a highway?
    What can Muley tell us about the significance of land in the lives of people?

  7. How does the turtles journey compare to that of Tom Joad?
    What is the biblical symbolism presented so far?
    -Sam Coleman

  8. What was Steinbeck's purpose when he dedicated chapter 3 to a turtle's journey across a highway?
    Was it significant that Tom was in jail? Alyssa Sachs

  9. How does the turtles journey foreshadow the journey of the Joad family?
    Why are the bank and large companies thought of as monsters? Emma Dwyer

  10. What plan do the tenant farmers have for the "Monster" why is their plan flawed?

    What is Tom Joad's first reaction seeing the old Joad Place?

  11. Why do you think Casy didn't want Muley to break up the family?
    Why do you think Tom isn't reluctant to tell anyone that he killed someone?
    Jake J. 1st period

  12. What do you think is the significance in the story of the turtle in chapter 3?
    Why do you think Steinbeck would make the only priest in the story lose faith?

  13. Was Toms past in jail suppose to be more significant and reveal more about his character?
    If the turtle represented the journey ahead, why wasn't it brought up more closer to the actual start of the journey?
    -Kylee D Period 1

  14. What does the man in Chapter 3 turtle story represent?
    What are the reasons Jim Casy changed his perspective on religion and life?

  15. - Why was Jim Casey introduced so early in the noevl?
    - Why does Steinbeck choose to use religion in his novel?

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  17. -Why does Steinbeck decide to write in different points of view focusing on different things in the book? What does this type of writing add to the novel?
    -Did Steinbeck categorize people as good and moral or evil and corrupt in this novel? What do you think his opinions were of people in general while writing this novel?
    Shelby Olivieri

  18. What is the religious connection between Jim Casey and Jesus Christ (J.C. are the initials)?
    How does greed corrupt some of our minds, and why?
    Scott Kelsey