Monday, September 08, 2014

Period 1- GOW- Chapters 12-18- Post 2 questions here,


  1. Did Grampa Joad's death unite the Joads more or less?
    Assuming the truckers did not have much money, why did they leave a large tip for Mae when they could have used it to help them?

  2. Do you think the salesman is cheating the migrants because he needs the money or just out of his selfish greed?

    Do you think it would have been wise for the Joads to heed the warnings of the father and son, and return home?

  3. Why did Grampa feel so strongly that he couldn't leave his land?
    What symbolism does the death of the Joad dog hold?

  4. Does the death of the dog in chapter 13 symbolize that something bad is going to happen later on?
    If the Joad family heeded the warning of the father and son in chapter 16 would things have been any different for them?
    Ariana D.

  5. Why do the characters try to run over animals so ofter? It seems they try to hit anything on the road.

    "Every night a world created, complete with furniture — friends made and enemies established; a world complete with braggarts and with cowards, with quiet men, with humble men, with kindly men. Every night relationships that make a world, established; and every morning the world torn down like a circus." Do you think it hurt at all to have to leave this sense of security every morning? To tear down a community every day?

  6. 1. Do you think they should have left Grandpa on his land?
    2. Does Grandpa's death change the family and make them think more of what they are doing? Alyssa S

  7. Do you believe that the death of both the grandfather and the dog symbolize the journey to come?
    Do you believe that the truck that the 12 family members travel in is in some way biblical?
    -Jillian McGuire

  8. Does the death of Grandpa strengthen or weaken the Joad family?
    When the families unite, how do they gain strength?
    Emma D

  9. How does Grandpa's death affect the rest of the Joad's journey?
    What do the Joad's learn as they meet and encounter people and other families as they travel?
    Sam Coleman

  10. Why do you think Ma insists to Al that you cn only worry about the present and not the future?
    Why do you think Ma doesn't want to break up the family?
    Jake J. 1st period

  11. What kinds of imagery is present within these chapters? What kind of emotion is the imagery attempting to evoke?

    How does Grampa feel about leaving about his home? What might make him feel this way?

  12. Why is it that the characters who seem the most enthusiatic about the move are the ones who get the most things snatched away from them at the end? Example: Grandpa and his death was snatched. Rose of Sharon excited about her and Connie living on their own and having the baby yet Connie ran away and the baby was a stillborn?
    What does family mean to the Joads especially after family member deaths and illness?
    - Shradha S