Monday, April 09, 2012

Poem of the Week: 4/9 Period 7

"This is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams



  1. I have drank
    the milk
    that was
    in the fridge

    That my
    sister wanted
    to save

    Forgive me
    it was cold
    and yummy

    Kathryn Collins
    Period 4

  2. 1. “This is Just to Say” –rewritten
    I have taken
    the ideas
    that were in
    your mind

    and which
    you were probably
    for you next design

    Forgive me
    they were so lucrative
    so original
    and so chic.

    2. Dedication to William Carlos Williams
    Good try, but “this is just to say”
    Is a sad slice of pie.

    How did you ever
    get some pie?

    I hope people
    like yourself
    learn from the mistakes
    that you’ve made.

    I wish there was some way
    for me to help you
    in the world of literature.

    Pompeo M. Per.4

  3. I have eaten the last chip
    his name was chip
    I am sorry but he was good
    He tasted like salt
    Just kidding, im not sorry
    I want more chips
    Marc Canzanella
    Period 7

  4. I have seen all
    The bums
    that had
    no lunch box

    And whom
    were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    theywere smelly
    so beat
    and so old.

    Matt O'Neill Period 7

  5. I eat your banana
    now your low on potassium
    but you won't die.

    It was all your falut
    that i did break that vualt
    now your banana is gone.

    Walter Perriod 7

  6. You scratched my eye

    I have not yet reached a reason why

    And no I did not fall down and cry

    I did not weep or sigh

    For I know that one day I will get you back

    -Dave Travisano

  7. I drank the last little bit of soda
    My brother did not have any
    Actually it wasn't a little bit it was plenty
    Forgive me for not thinking of you while satifying my thirst
    It was calling my name, so cold and carbonated
    You were left out, that feeing is the worse

    Bryanna Willaby
    Period 7

  8. I went to go start my car,
    But it refused to turn over.
    I took one look at yours,
    The '08 black Land Rover.

    I'm glad that you didnt take it,
    On this sunny Saturday afternoon.
    Because I want to go out and be social,
    But don't worry, I'll bring her back soon.

    When you see that your's is gone, you wont fret,
    For, you can always just use mine, which you always borrow.
    How does it feel to have your car taken?
    I'm sorry that I can't feel sorrow.

    Alex Gogliettino Per. 4

  9. I have slapped you
    It was nice
    The tingle on my hand and your red face

    I am sorry I slapped you but you
    Shouldn’t have been asking for it

    Austin Fries

  10. I am sorry but...

    But nothing right
    that cookie was yours
    to me it looked like it was mine

    Lo siento
    that cookie was delicious
    i bet you knew
    i promise it wont happen again

    Please forgive me
    i wont snatch you cookie
    that golden fresh out of the oven cookie
    it did belong to you

    Pierina Lopez

  11. I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

    tyler beck

  12. I bought the last pair of shoes
    that were in the window of bloomindales

    That my bestfriend wanted to buy
    Forgive me, they fit so nice.

    Brya Excovar

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  14. I'm sorry for the pain i have given you
    But that pain was also on me
    I have learned my lesson
    to never take it out on you

    You are my love, my only love
    The one i do adore
    I did not mean to hurt you
    but i was hungry

    Our love does have boundaries
    Your food is yours, and mine is mine
    But your pizza looked so much more delicious
    you can have some of my salad!

    Amanda Genovese (period 7)

  15. Ms.Baker is flamboyant :)

  16. I'm sorry you are mad,

    you have the right,

    I finished the milk.

    Your coffee fix was bland,

    and for that,

    I take the blame.

    Chrissy Beaulac

  17. you left the house and told me not to forget...
    what was the thing you told me not to forget
    aww well im sure its nothing
    i went to my room and took a nap
    i awoke to the smell of fire
    now i remember what you told not to forget.....
    sorry i forgot!


  18. im sorry for what i said
    i understand that you are mad
    i spoke without thinking
    and im truly sorry
    it was all my fault
    can we please just start over again?

    ali nuzzo

  19. why did you have to go?
    the picture of your accident still plays in my head
    was it my fault you got hurt?
    will we ever meet again?
    wait for me in heaven

    Jenny Flynn