Monday, April 30, 2012

"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?" Period 7

Nonfiction Article of the Week from The Atlantic: May 2012

1. Read & annotate the article noting:

*Author's Bias(es)



*Reaction/ Personal Thoughts & Opinions

2. Post on this blog:

Do you believe that sites like Facebook have increased loneliness? Reference the article to support your opinion.


  1. i believe that facebook and modern day technology does isolate us from the real world. It is much easier to hide behind a computer desk than to go out and actually interract with people face to face. I agree with many ideas that were presented in the article that we read. Facebook is a helpful tool if used right but the way that people use it, it basically consumes much more of their life than needed. It is used way to often and is being used as a substitute for real communication. As a result i believe that people are much less comfrtable around people and are developing weak social skills. It is great to use techonology but you also need to know how to communicate without it as well.
    marc canzanella period 7

  2. I believe that facebook is both bringing people together but also pushing them farther apart. It is bring us together in the sense that we can have information to people whenever we want and are able to communicate with whoever we want. It is bringing us farther apart because we spend more time on the computer and less time having face to face conversations. Facebook not only is bringing us farther apart, but it is creating social problems with some people. They become really good at talking to people over the internet that it's hard for them to have normal conversations. A question the article brought up was "Does the internet make people lonely, or are lonely people more attracted to the internet?" My answer to this question would be that the internet is making people lonely, which makes them more attracted to the internet. It's like a cycle because once they are lonely, they feel that the internet will solve the feeling and make them feel connected rather than alone.

    Karlie Komoroski

  3. In my opinion, face book is a way to bring others together or further apart. First off, this article made strong points about being lonely and logging onto face book to see what other people are up to or updating what your doing. Face book is a way to express anything and everything online instantly. The more connected we are, the less bored we are. Being alone and being lonely aren't the same thing. You can feel lonely by being with someone and being alone is just being by yourself. Face book brings together friendships with others we haven't seen for awhile or just met. For example, you meet someone new, your first instinct is to go add them on face book. The authors tone is very positive about what he or she needs to say. A question that caught my attention in the article was “Does the internet make people lonely, or are lonely people more attracted to the internet?” I couldn't quite answer this question but it makes a great point. Facebook encourages us to make contact with people out side of our homes, state, or even country. Another strong point the author implied was “if people are reading about lives that are much better than theirs, two things can happen; they can feel worse about themselves or they can feel motivated.” For instance, when I log onto face book I see people updated where they will be attending college next year, and that really motivates me to try to do well next year so I can put my dream school up one day. But also, other people can find it depressing. If someone got something you wanted, of course your going to be jealous or upset which can lead to lonliness. My overall answer to the question would be yes. Yes, the internet can increase people to being lonely.

    Brya Excovar

  4. I agree with Cacioppo in that," Facebook is merely a tool... its effectiveness will depend upon the user." People becoming increasingly lonely is not new and has been more common with more advanced technology. As the author pointed out when the internet took off loneliness began to rise. Facebook however, as Moira Burke pointed out, can be used two ways actively and passively. If one is an active user and comments thoughtfully on meaningful post from friends Facebook can be a great way to stay connected with friends and involved. It can also be used to organize activities with friends in person. However when used passively the user will feel more lonely and disconnected. If all I do is read about the fun everyone else is having and just use, "one-click communication," then it is easier to not feel involved. I don't think Facebook is the problem but it can certainly add to the growing loneliness in this country if misused. Another misuse of Facebook is over use. People who check it before they get out of bed and rely on it for social interaction rather than meeting people face to face can lose very important communication skills. If Facebook makes people lonely than it is very likely they would have been lonely anyways based on th kind of person they are and it is being projected onto Facebook.

    Josh Celone

  5. I feel as though Facebook is making people lonely in todays world. When you walk down the halls at school most of those people you are Facebook friends with yet you have never had a real conversation with them before and still you see all their information by being friends with them. Over the last 10 years Facebook has changed how society works. We have gone from a world of calling people on the phone,sending emails and just talking to people face to fface, to now where most high school kids can not hold a real conversation. As stated in the article Facebook can be good for getting connected with long lost family members or someone you went to college with. With every type of social networks there is always good and bad things. As stated in the article "we are lonely because we want to be lonely", people have the decision to make whatever they want out of the networks. So its what to you, will you let if control you?

  6. ^ jenny flynn period 7

  7. I agree with the statements that the author made in this article. this article made me realize the negatives of social networks. I agree that Facebook is a place for lonely people to be someone who they are not. I believe people try to develop relationships with others over the web because it is easier to delete their flaws. I believe the main use for Facebook is to express ones feelings. people who consistently make statuses want to be heard. it's amazing how times have changed. "we are living in an isolation that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors, and yet we have never been accesside" this quote shows the change in our social status over time. not only have people become lonely but we have also become more impatient, "transfixed by the glare of a screen, hungering for response" from my personal experience, I have not been able to obtain long lasting healthy relationships with people I have met on facebook. the people who I have established healthy relationships with people who I have met at track meets and field hockey games. but Facebook and twitter have allowed me to connect with family and old friends from Chicago and Georgia.

    Bryanna Wilaby
    period 7

  8. In my opinon Facebook is defferent for different people. Some people use it just to talk to there freinds and post funny or important things. To other people it's their life, they walk around in public on facebook talking to there "friends". In reality those people aren't your freinds, you've never hung out with them or you barley see them face to face and when you do you don't even talk to them. I"m one of the few who don't use facebook daily, but every now and again I'll go on and see whats gtoing on. And the people that are always posting things weather it's on facebook or twiter, saying having a great time or best day of my life. They're most likely lieing to just get attention from people they don't know.

    Walter Kreske
    Period !!!AWSOME!!!!(7)

  9. I do believe tat Facebook and other social web sites have increased the loneliness of a person. This is but to many different reasons. One being Facebook has made face to face conversations a thing of the past. Its all about the "inbox me" this takes away the person to person interaction that use to be a the way people talk before technology changed the way we view the world. Another reason is we spend so much more time on line, either with our computers or our phones, that spending family time together is no longer a daily ting. "Facebook users had slightly lower levels of "social loneliness"- the sense of not feeling bonded with friends- but "significantly higher levels of family loneliness." a perfect example of the new age teenager. Loneliness" is not a matter of external condition: its a psychological state" this truly shows that loneliness is all on us, we choose it but outside forces like Facebook increases the loneliness we put upon ourself. we don't want to be the only one not on facebook. Either way were "lonely"

    Pierina Lopez

  10. I do think facebook is making us lonely. I notice that the more and more in depth we become with technology, we lose sight of having to be together. emailing or "inboxing" takes away the need to be together. Especially the instant messaging on facebook. Everyone has access to talk to everyone. "Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing, but both are on the rise. We meet fewer people. We gather less. And when we gather, our bonds are less meaningful and less easy." I agree to what Stephen Marche said, I always see everyone on their cellphone when were hanging out. It is like their eyes are glued to the screen. I don't know what the future has in store for us but i do know that if the internet world does seize in nexpanding, we are all doomed to be lonely.
    -David Travisano