Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Period 4-Post Paper Town Discussion Questions Here

Minimum of 2 questions per person. Due before class on Thursday.


  1. What was Margo's real reason of leaving town without telling anyone?

    Why did Margo leave all of the clues for Q to find and then tell him that she did not intend for him to find her?

    Erica Celentano
    Period 4

  2. 1. Are you satisfied with the book's ending? If not, how would you change it?

    2. In the first section did Q help Margo or did Margo help Q?

    -Steve Perrotti

  3. 1. If Margo did not want (or expect) Q to find her, why did she leave his clues?

    2. What similarites can be found between Margo and Whitman's poem "Song of Myself"? Does it reveal anything about Margo to the reader?

    Kaity R.
    Period 4

  4. 1.)What constitutes a place as being a "paper town"?

    2.)Are "paper towns" unique places that are determined by location or is America just a "paper country"?

    -Jessica Teulings

  5. 1.) Before that one night where the book starts, Margo and Q hadn't been friends since they were seven; so why is it Q's responsibility to find her? Is it because he feels guilty that he was the last one to see her?

    2.) How would the book be different if Margo was plain looking; would Q be as interested to find her?

    Marisa Period 4

  6. Why do you think Margo portrayed a false image of herself to her friends for so long?

    Why do you think Margo chooses Q to help her seek revenge on her enemies?

    -Ashley Murphy
    Period 4

  7. Is Q's pursuit of Margo by following "Song of Myself" on a literal level a foolish decision? Should he give up so much trying to find her when no one else cares anymore?

    Why does Q take it upon himself to try to find and bring Margo back in the first place? Does Q not trust the detective or anyone else saying she'll come back if she wants to?

    Alessandra M.
    Per. 4

  8. 1) Why does Margo always leave and leave clues? Why does Q feel the need to try and find her?

    2) Why does everyone think a different way about Margo? Does she really act different towards everyone?

    Kathryn Collins
    Period 4

  9. -In what ways does this book convey the importance of self realization?

    -How was the author's way of incorporating "song of myself" helpful with understanding the deeper meaning of the text?

    Emily McColl
    period 4

  10. What can adolescents learn from reading this novel?

    Which character can you relate to and why?

    Pompeo M.

  11. Did Q's parents understood him? why or why not?

    what was the meassage of the book?
    sandrine amin
    period 1