Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Period 1-Post Paper Town Discussion Questions Here

Minimum of 2 questions per person.  Due before class on Thursday. 


  1. What was the real reason why Margo left town without telling anyone?

    How do you think Quintin felt after he was told Margo did not intend for him to find her?

    Tyler King

  2. What are the connections between the three sections that the book is broken up into?
    Why does Q decide to leave Margo instead of going on yet another journey with her?

    Period 1

  3. Do you think Margo's reasons for leaving were justifiable?
    What is your take on how Margo's parents felt about her disappearance? Do you agree or disagree with their opinions/decisions?

    Kelly Du

  4. Why did Margo pick "Song of Myself" as her main clue to be found? Why did that poem speak to her?

    Do you think Margo became so confused and rebellious when she found the body with Q at such a young age?

    Kelly Smith
    Period 1

  5. Do you think Margo has more of a negative or positive personality?

    "A dot on the map became a real place, more real than the people who created the dot could ever have imagined. I thought maybe the paper cutout of a girl could start becoming real here also." (294)What makes a person feel real/fake? Is it the person's own view of self or the surrounding environment?

    Period 1

  6. 1. What does it mean when Quentin's parents describe people as 'mirrors'?

    2. Do you think Quentin's quest to find Margo is nobel, or obsessive? What would you do if you were him his place?

    3. Do you think Margo actually wanted to be found by Quentin?

    4. What do you think Margo found so attractive about her hiding places?

    5. Do you think it was unfair or Margo to leave like that, even if she didn't want to be found? Or do you think it was the only way to truly 'get out' as she says?

    6. Would you describe Margo's life as exciting and interesting or sad and lonely?

    Nina Mariotti, period 1

  7. Margo puts a false mask over her face so that everyone would like her, when Q and other friends finally found her she was different than usual Margo. Why did even she bother to place different identity of herself before other people? Was she afraid of what people will say about real Margo or was she afraid of damaging the perfect image in front of people?

    Would you judge a parent by looking at how good they have grown their children? Why or why not? If yes, do you think Margo’s parents were not able to give Margo enough guide and support to become a “normal” child?

    Shila Rajbahak

  8. To what extent did the relationship between Margo and her parents influence the choices that she would make in this book ?

    Has Q fully realized and accepted the true Margo, or is he still clinging to the "Margo" he "knew" for all of these years ?


  9. -does margo act out for attention or is she truly passionate about going on adventures to have the experience?

    - why does margo like to be so mysterious & hidden even to those who were closest to her?


  10. Do you think Q’s parents understand him? Why or why?
    What was the message of the book?
    sandrine amin
    period 1

  11. Why do you think Q finally decided to return home, rather than stay with Margot in the city? Why did Margot decide to stay?

    What do you think the effect of the dead man had on Margot, whether she decides to admit it or not? Or was there no effect at all?

    Brianna DeNegris
    Period 1

  12. Discussion Questions

    Does John Greene's incorporation of Walt Whitman's epic poem, Song of Myself, serve to add or subtract to the quality of Paper Towns? In what ways does it develop the character of Margo Roth Spiegelman and the plot to find her that consumes Sections 2 and 3 of the novel?

    Through suffering exhaustion and the near possibility of dieing from astray cows along the highway, to what extent does the 3rd section the novel entitled "3. The Vessel" bring the realness of the relationships between Quentin, Ben, Radar, and Lacey to the foreground? Discuss their relationship with one another, and thier interconnectedness in the mission to find Margo.

    -Alexander Borkowski Period 1