Monday, November 08, 2010

Tweak Period 2-Post I

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  1. The first part of the book it describes how Nic gradually got more and more involved with different types of drugs. He started smoking pot, then mushrooms, and acid. “But I smoked pot every day. I was seventeen and had been accepted at prestigious universities across the country and I had figured a little paying was due me.”(1) Then after so many times using and rehabbing his life was actually beginning to unfold to him. Drugs have now controlled his body and it would be almost impossible for Nic to stop using and money for him is short so he and his other using partner are attempting to start dealing drugs for money. Nic says to Gack “I really respect you and all and I was thinking we could buy, like, some big quantity of meth and then break it down and sell it together.” This is where his first thought about getting his money back for using all these years on different kinds of drugs.
    Pg 19.-Opiate -Containing opium or any of its derivatives
    Pg 34-.Eucalyptus- Any of numerous tall trees of the genus Eucalyptus, native to Australia and having aromatic leaves that yield oil used medicinally and wood valued as timber
    Discussion Questions:
    Will Nic’s and Gack’s business succeed and pull through or will it completely fail?
    Will Nic ever stop using?
    Clarification Questions:
    Why does Nic continue to stay on the streets and do drugs instead of trying to find help to cure him and his drug using life?

    Love, Erik