Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Directions for Lit Circles-Blog Style

Essential Question:  Can you sustain a discussion online that deepens your understanding of the text?

Please use the blog to get the conversation started about the first section of your book.  If you have read ahead, be sure not to include SPOILERS! 

Please post:
*A brief SUMMARY of the section. (2-4 sentences)
*2 VOCABULARY WORDS-  Write the sentence from the book and define the word.
*1 or more CONNECTIONS (explained)
*2 or more QUOTES/ PASSAGES from the section that you found, important, well-written, thought-provoking etc...  Type the quote, include the page number, and explain your thinking.

*Optional: Links to sites/ photos online that can shed light on this section of the novel.  For example, the Joe Theismann clip from YouTube for The Blindside would be interesting and  informative.
Read through your group members responses, and respond to at least two different discussion questions from two different students.  Feel free to comment on group member's quotes, clarification questions, etc...
You may want to write your assignment in OpenOffice and then copy/paste into the comment section so that you can spell check.


*Be both honest & original (try not to repeat the idea of previous posters)

*Follow the particular directions of the assignment (all parts)

*Be clear/ concise ( do not ramble)

*Be grammatically correct (no lower case i's!!!)

*Be on time


A good blog post should not be a waste of your time or your reader's. Try to deepen your understanding of the topic/ story through engaging in meaningful conversation. Your responses should indicate critical and close reading, thoughtful engagement and analysis. It should be clear that the material was throughly read and understood.

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  1. The book Tweak starts right off with a bang. It starts off with the main character Nick telling his story of his addictions to many sorts of drugs. Like some teenagers Nick smoked pot everyday, and did the ocasional mushrooms and acid. This first section basically tells about Nicks first relapse with the addictive drug Meth.

    retrospective - directed towards the past, contemplative of a past situation.

    This summer my uncle had to drive down to the slums of Bridgeport and drag my cousin out of a old ratty beatendown house. We later found out that she had been shooting up herion, and other drugs were found in her system.

    1- "the truth was, i didnt want to stop. Its not like I enjoyed stealing or hurting my dad, or whatever. I mean, I hated it. But I was so scared of coming off the drug."
    - This I feel is the problem with most teenage users. They dont want to hurt anyone they just feel theres no other way.

    questions: 1. Why does all the sudden he want to become a massive California drug lord? 2. Why did he feel the random need to relapse all the sudden?

    Clarification question: After all is said and done, do you think he will carry out his plan of leading one of the largest Meth drug opperations in California?

    cdaley period 1