Tuesday, November 02, 2010

BLOG POST # 1- The Blind Side- Period 8-Due Thursday 11/4


  1. *A brief SUMMARY of the section. (2-4 sentences)
    *2 VOCABULARY WORDS- Write the sentence from the book and define the word.
    *1 or more CONNECTIONS (explained)
    *2 or more QUOTES/ PASSAGES from the section that you found, important, well-written, thought-provoking etc... Type the quote, include the page number, and explain your thinking.

    So far in this book we have gone over why the "blind side" was invented in football. It was invented because of Laurence Taylors freakish ability to sack the quarterback from the quarterbacks weak side. That is why the "blind side" is such an important position to fill, and that is why Michael Oher is/was such a big deal. Also so far this book has covered Tom Lemmings recruiting of Michael Oher and how he had no real background. In this section we have found out how Michael got accepted into Briarcrest Christian School and how the Tuohy family came into Michael's life.

    Two vocabs words from the book;

    Sack-when a defensive player tackles the opposing teams quarterback behind the line of scrimage on a pass-intended play.

    Quarterback- Offensive player who takes the snap from the center, oftenly calls plays and throws the football or hands the football off.


    So far I can connect this part of the book to this part of the movie, the main part which stands out to me is Michael walking in the snow and the Tuohy family talking to him. But there are a few differences, for one in the movie Michael is eligable right away.


    "Do you know how big a fifty-eight long jacket is?"(67)

    This quote was so big because it shows, even at 16 Michael was a freak of nature in size.

    "There's no one on our team as big as he is," (73)

    This was said by Patrick Ramsey (QB for the Redskins)and this is another example of how big Michael Oher was, he was massive in size. This is why a lot of people took a chance on him, his great potential.

    2 Questions:

    Why didn't Sean Tuohy Sr. go into the NBA? Why did he not play for the Nets (team which drafted him)?

    Where did Orlando Pace play college football?

    1 clarification question:

    Who/ what was the reasoning to calling the left side tackle the blind side?

    The reasoning was Laurence Taylors career ending hits on quarterbacks from the left-side of line (the quarterbacks blind side.)

    Alex T.

    Per. 7

  2. This section explain a lot about football for the first two chapters. Next it was explained how Michael came to Briarcrest high school. Then it explained in detail about why Michael could not read nor write. Finally we met Leigh Anne who took a interest in Michael's well-being.

    "He protected the quarterback's blindside."
    A blindside is a part of a game when the quarerback can not see who is coming.
    "Grimm was for inches shorter, 30 pounds lighter, and far less agile that Jacoby."
    Agile means that ability to move with quick easy grace.

    I connect to Michael Oher's love of sport because that is how I feel about dancing. When I am dancing I feel like I am a part of something.

    "With men this impossible, with god all things are possible."(48) This quote explains the power of god. With belief you can achieve anything.
    "Don't worry where I am, I'll tell you when I get there." Don't worry about me I will be just fine on my own.

    Why does Leigh Anne take such a interest in Michael?
    If micheal passed school why does he not understand anything?
    How did Big Tony meet Michael?

  3. In the first section of the book, it basically explains how Micheal did extremely bad in school and refused not to talk to anyone. "but it felt like the same sort of thing, Mike was a blank slate"(50 something, looked it up but forgot page nuber and couldnt find qoute again. This quote explains how Mike was flunking most of his classes because of what he knows. He didnt know much so that is why the teacher claimed that he was a blank state meaning he knew nothing. A teacher said to Micheal, "but when a child tells you hello and you dont respond, you scare that little child". This shows how shy that Micheal was and how he didnt talk to really anyone at all.
    1. Why is Micheal so quiet?
    2. Where is he actually at? Did he even get picked up by the family yet?

  4. A brief summary of the section.
    In the Book the "Blind Side" so it has been talking about the career ending hit that Lawrence Taylor gave to Joe Theismann, and how the blind side was not always called the blind side but it was just called the right side or left side depending on what hand the quarterback was. The only reason they started calling it was because Lawrence Taylor was so sneaky from coming from the back and the quarterback never even say him coming. Also the section was about how Lemming who would travel all over the country to find high school players to play in the U.S. Army All American Game, and how Micheal Oher when asked to play just sat in the Lemmings office and didn't say a word of answer him so as a result of that he didn't play in it. lastly it was about how Big Tony brought Micheal to Briarcrest to go to school.
    2 Vocab word-Write the sentence from the book and define the word.
    Blind Side- The side of the field behind the QB that he can't see.
    ECS- Evangelical Christian School.
    1 or more Connections.
    When I was a freshman I went to a catholic school to go to and got in but a week before school started I changed my mind and went to Branford. This is the same as when Micheal went to Braiarcrest to go to school.

    2 or more quotes from the section that you found, important, well-written, thought-provoking etc... Type the quote, include the page number, and explain your thinking.
    “ I didn't hold a grudge”(43) Lemming said this when Micheal didn't want to play in the U.S. Army All American Game.
    “I Just hope it's not his last play In football”(26) Joe Namath said that about Joe Theismann breaking his leg.

    2 or more discussion questions
    What was the blind side called before Lawrence Taylor came along?
    Where did Micheal go to school?

    Rob C.

  5. Responses to questions:

    Rob C.'s question :What was the blind side called before Lawrence Taylor came along?

    The blind side was simply considered the left-tackle position.

    Also another question was : Where did Michael go to school?

    Michael attended The Universti of Mississippi (a.k.a. Ole Miss)

    Alex T.
    Per 7

  6. to alex, the reason that its called the blind side is beacuse quarterbacks that are right handed are pretty much focusing on their right hand and kinda not so much to the left side
    matthew c

  7. Melissa P asked, "If micheal passed school why does he not understand anything?"
    He just goes to school and does just what he needs to do to pass and nothing extra.
    Alex T asked, "Where did Orlando Pace play college football?"
    Orlando Pace attended Sandusky HS for high school and Ohio State for college.

  8. Response to questions

    Michael did not get picked up by the Tuohy family yet he still lives with Big Tony.

    Michael went Mississippi high school

    Michael is quiet because he doesnt know how to make sense of what is going on around him.

  9. to melissa. i think that she is interested in him because he is homeless and had no where to go. i also think that she took him in because maybe she wants less discrimination because she is down in the south and most people down in the south are racist so she probably wanted to show that blacks and whites can be together
    matthew c

  10. In this section, the parents picked up micheal after buying him new clothes and food and sometimes letting him stay there. They brought him home and started straightening him out and then discovered that he has a lot of talents because he was making records while playing sports. Marcus Johnson said, "He was by far the best guy I'd ever seen". That shows how talented he was at his sports and what he could do. "thats it," she said. "get all your crap. You're moving in with me". This is when Lee Anne took in Micheal to live with them and this is after he cut his hand open.
    2 questions: Why did they talk about the guy dieing, it doesn't really involve micheal?
    What does Lee Annes dad think?
    Matthew C period 7

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