Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poem of the Week- Period 2 "This is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams POST YOUR OWN "APOLOGY" POEM AND COMMENT ON A CLASSMATE'S POEM.



    I just feel so much guilt,
    That my words and actions built.
    I know, what I did was wrong,
    Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

    Following me has been the truth,
    It was hurting like a noose.
    I could not deny,
    Not apologizing was a lie.

    I'm so sorry, from deep inside,
    Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.
    It was obviously, all my fault,
    I'm sorry I have came to a hault.

    Cassidy M P2

  2. I have opened
    the door
    that was
    in the basement

    That said
    keep out
    But I
    just couldnt

    I'm sorry
    do you forgive me
    so dark
    so cold

    Conor Smith P2

  3. Cassidy's poem had a cool rhythm, but was nothing like the example. I did not know what you wanted the poem to look like, but Cassidy's poem was deffinetly clever. Every person has a differnt poetic side to them, but no offense "This is just to say" poem was something a 5 year old could think of. I personally think Cassidy's poem was 10 times better.

    Conor Smith P2

  4. Fair Warning

    I have opened
    the door
    that was
    in the basement

    That said
    keep out
    But I
    just couldnt

    I'm sorry
    do you forgive me
    so dark
    so cold

    Conor Smith P2
    sorry i forgot the title in the first post

  5. I personally like Cassidy's poem better than "This Is Just To Say." Cassidy's sounds more sophisticated and has more meaning to it. The one we read is, as Conor said, something a 5 year old could write. Conor's poem sounds more like he is sorry than the example, but overall, Cassidy's is very deep and clever.

    Rebecca W.

  6. Not Perfect
    Im sorry
    for not being perfect
    for not listening
    for not loving you
    as much as i should
    forgive me

    Julia Watsky P2

  7. Sorry
    © Whitestar
    I love you so very much,
    Even thou at times I do things that hurt,
    I try so hard to hope that you always see,
    How much you being in my life means to me,
    I am sorry yet again for causing you pain,
    that is the last thing I ever wanted to do,
    Even when I am trying to look out for you and do the right thing
    I mess up, I am sorry for that too.
    I hope that you still know how much I love and cherish you,
    Like nothing else in my life gives me the trill of being loved by you.
    So I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes,
    this sincere apology that comes with tears from deep inside.

    Source: Apologize Poem, Sorry

    Isabella Suppa Period 2

    Response to Connor's poem:

    So far out of all of the poems, I enjoyed Connor's the most. I think that his got the point across the best because the poem speaks about the door being open and it being so dark. I could imagine that as meaning that the author was welcoming something so dark into his life. Something that was "so dark" and "so cold". And now he apoligizes for that. He acts as if he is sorry that he welcomed something so dark into his life. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this poem.

    Isabella Suppa Period 2

  8. Today i took
    the car
    that was in
    the garage

    and realized
    you might have needed
    it to travel to work

    Forgive me
    it was so fun
    what a
    crazy joyride

    -Maxine H P2

    So far i think i like cassidy's poem the best, even better than the original one we looked at. I like it because it has a rhythm and flows very well, and also the fact that it rhymes makes it cool too and you can tell that she probably took some time on it because it makes sense and it also rhymes, something that i find hard to do right on the spot. And it seems like she took a personal experience and then wrote about it too which i liked.

  9. Homework

    I didn’t do
    my homework
    that was
    due today

    and now
    I will probably
    this class

    Forgive me
    I had better
    to do
    Anna B., period 2
    I agree that Cassidy’s poem is very good and she put a lot of effort into it, but it doesn’t really follow the example. Personally, I like Maxine’s poem the best. It is kind of funny and I can relate to it.

  10. Too many tests

    I didn't study
    for my test
    that I took

    and now
    I will no longer
    have an A+

    Forgive me
    AP Psych
    is more

    Personally, I like Cassidy's poem better than "This is Just to Say" because it sounds a lot more sophisticated and thoughtful. You can tell she really took time to write it, where as the example we read seems like it could've been written by a kid in elementary school.

    Katlyn G. Period 2

  11. I took your
    laptop for
    a school
    project yesterday

    and happened
    to see your password
    for your email
    and Facebook

    Forgive me
    I think you
    should probably
    change them now

    I really like Cassidy’s poem as it seems that she wrote it very well and got the point of expanding from the idea that was given by Williams’ poem. The other poems that were quite fun to me were Anna’s and Katlyn’s as they both are what I can relate with because we get tons of homework, but we can’t always do all of it because of all the activities that most do after school that take a while.

    Quinn Bohan - Period 2

  12. In my earlier post, I commented on Connor's poem and mistakenly posted an apology poem off of the internet. After coming back and reading some I realized I misunderstood the assignment.. So here is my OWN made poem:

    Forgive Me Now.

    Forgive me now
    for all the wrong I
    have done.

    Forgive me now for
    the whole lump sum.

    I am aware of all my
    wrong doings and
    promise to never
    repeat them, I swear
    I am done.

    Forgive me now
    for all that I have done.


    Sorry for the confusion Mrs.Baker!!

    Isabella S.
    Period 2

  13. I didn't do
    the homework
    for class
    due today

    Forgive me,
    it was hard
    and it took
    too much time

    I'm sorry
    that I really
    just like to

    Rebecca W.

  14. I'm Sorry For Being Different

    I don't eat meat...
    Just something weird
    that makes me feel

    We don't have the same
    Completely different beilefs.
    You can eat your burger,
    but I ain't touching
    that beef.

    You can say I'm weird
    or how I'm completely
    I'm sorry for being
    But hey, most of us are.

    I liked Katlyn's poem more than the original one we looked at because I can relate to it. I also thought Cassidy's poem and could tell she put a lot of effort into it. Julia's poem also stood out to me because it was short and sweet, which is what prefer when reading poetry.

    Morgan L p.2

  15. please forgive me
    for not coming
    to class today.
    I know that
    I may come to
    class late everyday
    but try to understand

    I cannot resist
    sleeping in an
    extra 10 minutes.
    I would rather be
    laying in a bed than
    sitting at a desk.

    please forgive me
    for choosing my
    bed over class.
    next time I'm late
    I'll just get a pass.

    I really liked Cassidy's poem. I think she did a really good job writing it and it sounded very poetic. Hers was also more detailed than the original poem. Cassidy's poem was 100 times better than "This is just to say". This is just to say was a kind of goofy poem and Cassidy's was much more thoughtful and meaningful.

    Jackie W. p.2

  16. Mom, it was me.

    Your car
    Has a dent
    in the back.

    I hit
    A pole at the mall
    It's bad
    Really bad

    I'm so sorry
    Tell dad it was Bit
    And call

    -Brian Fitter Period 2 November 30, 2012