Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poem of the Week- Period One "This is Just to Say" by William Carlos Williams POST YOUR OWN "APOLOGY" POEM AND COMMENT ON A CLASSMATE'S POEM.


  1. "I would like to tell you"

    You told your joke,
    I didn’t laugh.

    Please understand;
    No reference was made,
    No words were played,

    And your joke
    Just wasn’t funny.

    I enjoy puns,
    I enjoy wit,
    Humor is better
    When it is clever,

    I’m sorry
    That your joke
    Just wasn’t funny.

    -Amy B. Period 1

    1. This is really good Amy! I like how you came off as sarcastic and incorporated your interests into the poem. Its really great!!

      Anna A.
      Period 1

    2. I liked yours Amy! It was funny because that is actually how you take humor, you always tell us that you love puns!

      Rachel I

    3. I really like this one because it relates to you and is funny and sarcastic.

      Morgan R.

  2. This poem
    May be short
    May be witty
    But is not
    Sad to say
    Well written
    It is however
    A poem

  3. I'm so sorry
    I forgot to care
    About your punishment
    'Cause the affair.

    You deserve forgiveness!
    It wasn't fair!

    In reality,
    I really don't care
    you lied and cheated
    you should beware.

    Rachel I

    1. I like yours Rachel, I feel like it's something people can relate to easily. And you can sense the humor in it. It's really good!

      Jess B. Period 1

    2. I really like this Rachel. I like the sarcasm in it and I like how it's a funny kind of threat.

      Morgan R.

  4. I'm so sorry
    I didn't do my homework
    You warned me
    I didn't listen

    It was my fault
    For leaving it
    Last minute

    And now I'm stressed
    My grade will show it
    I was tired
    I'm sorry

    Jess B. Period 1

    1. I threw
      the cake
      that was for
      your birthday

      I ruined
      the party
      and caused
      a disaster

      she pulled
      my hair
      I fought back

      Forgive me
      I had to win
      and now
      I'm satisfied

      Anna Atkinson
      Period 1

    2. You did a really good job with this, Anna! It's funny and matches the structure of the poem. I love the last part!!

      Ayeshra A.

    3. I love this because you did an awesome job with using sarcastic humor but still being totally honest!

      Francesca L.

  5. I chose my warm, comfy bed
    over this big test.
    It was calling out
    to me, and I said yes.

    I'm truly sorry, test.
    My dreams have
    indeed, outdone you.

    Now I will regret,
    not studying for this test
    Or maybe I will just miss
    my warm, comfy bed
    I really am sorry.

    -Ayeshra A. Period 1

    1. I really like the way this was written and your writing style in general. This poem is very easy to relate to as well, as I often have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings as well (especially when the blankets are so warm and the air is so cold).

      -Amy B.

  6. I did not feel like
    going to work today.
    Today was just not my day.

    I really am sorry,
    I lied about having a cold.
    And now my paycheck,
    will not be so large.

    I am mad at myself,
    I really am.
    But I had a very restful day,
    and I'm sorry my boss did not.

    Francesca L.
    Period 1

  7. I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry that I cannot forgive you
    because of all that you put me through

    I'm sorry that it took so long
    for me to realize that I was wrong

    I thought you were so nice and sweet
    Turns out you were a total cheat

    I'm sorry that I could not see
    that you are no match for me

    So here and now before I leave
    I'd like to say that I'm sorry

    Morgan Reed
    Period 1

  8. "Not so sorry"

    Although I took your friend
    I promise this is the end

    This here is my apology

    But I have no shame
    All life is is a game

    You win, you lose
    You cannot chose

    Next time try walking in my shoes

    Cory W.
    Period 1

  9. "I Just Wanted to Say"

    I'm sorry
    that I stole your pizza

    I'm sorry
    that I am a dog

    The piece
    was quite delicious

    Until you find out
    I will look at you
    with pouty eyes

    You don't know
    what I did

    But I do

    Lizzy B. Period 1

  10. I'm sorry
    But I'm not
    It was a lie

    Just so you
    Would feel better
    But I never cared

    You don't matter

    Jesse C.
    Per. 1