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"The Tell Tale Murder" by E.J. Wagner

Directions: Please post:
3 Interesting Facts
2 Connections
1 Question for Discussion
Comment on at least one classmate's discussion question.


  1. 3 Interesting Facts:
    1. The murderer did not take any valuables from Captain White's home.
    2. Themes from the murder case inspired "The Scarlet Letter" by Hawthorne and “The Tell-Tale Heart”
    3. Investigation of the murder involved some of the earliest applications of forensic science.
    2 Connections:
    1. The story behind this murder seems similar to the plots of many modern mystery novels, such as those by Agatha Christie.
    2. I have learned of Daniel Webster and his role in the slavery debates of the antebellum period, as well as his reputation as an skillful lawyer, during history class.
    1 Question:
    1. Why didn’t the murderers just kill Captain White and steal the money in his house, instead of stealing his will in a failed attempt to gain the money?
    Jenny L. Period 6

  2. 3:
    -The murderer didn't take the iron chest.
    -White had been a slave trader.
    -Richard hung himself.
    -Hawthorne was inspired by the murderer's need to confess for the character of Reverend Dimmesdale. And that his themes resemble "tainted family fortunes, torrential guilt, and ensuing retribution".
    -This reminds me of many other murders involving no stolen items and questionably reasoning for killing.
    -Should all of the men involved with the murder gotten equal sentencing or just Richard because he did the physical act?

    Olivia N. Period 6.

  3. Jenny,
    I think that they didn't take the valuables because they... (in some twisted way) figured that by just destroying the will and not stealing the money, they were being "righteous". As if not taking the money would make their crime seem less bad to them. It's like someone asking you for 10 dollars and than asking for 5. The 5 doesn't look too bad compared to the 10, eh?

    -Olivia N. Period 6.

  4. Facts:
    1.) Many Salem town's members supported slavery because it helped them build their fortunes and pay for their children's Harvard Tuition. This fact really annoys me.
    2.) Members of the Committee of Vigilance were paid $1,000 for any information touching on the murder. Even though they took an oath of secrecy, I feel like people may have given false information just for the money. The Committee of Vigilance seems sketchy to me because town members without criminal investigation experience could be members.
    3.) Salem was the home of the famous Salem Witchcraft Trials that took place in 1692. It is crazy how 2 major events with such violence could take place in just a small town like Salem.
    1.) At the beginning of the article, the author said he read about the murder in an old Greenwich Village bookshop. He said the bookshop had dusty shelves and ratty books. This reminded me of the old bookshop in the Disney Channel movie Lifesize. The main character in that movie went to the old bookstore to find a book of spells.
    2.) When White's body was found, it reminded me of the movie The Box which showed a woman who was mysteriously murdered. Her body was found cold (like White's) and based on the description, seemed like a similar crime scene.
    1.) Who appointed/how were the men chosen for the Committee of Vigilance. Were there any specific qualifications?

    Kelly L. P5

  5. Hey Olivia!
    I think all of the men who plotted/helped with the murder should have been charged. Just because Richard did the "dirty work" doesn't mean he should have been the only one charged. Even in today's world I think anyone who helps commit a crime should be charged. Good question!

    Kelly L. P5

  6. The Tell-Tale Murder
    3 Interesting Facts:
    • Daniel Webster’s summation is thought to be the inspiration for great works such as Edgar Allen Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Heart”
    • Joseph White’s death caused Salem to create a voluntary watch and appointed a 27-man Committee of Vigilance
    • William Ward was one of the men who investigated the crime scene and he preserved footprints, which wouldn’t become a common practice and seen as important evidence until decades later
    2 Connections:
    • The investigation of this murder reminded me about the movie The Zodiac because they had many different suspects, but not tons of incriminating evidence.
    • Their procedure of preserving evidence in this murder reminded me of today’s procedure. The way that they preserved the footprints, how they noticed the break in point and also they noticed the intruder wasn’t a robber because they didn’t steal anything. These techniques were very advanced for their time.
    1 Discussion Question
    • Has a traumatic event ever inspired any of your writing?
    JessicaC P6

  7. Dear Jenny,

    I don't think they stole Captain White's money because it wasn't just about the money. Sure they could have stolen the gold, but how far would that have gotten them financially? I feel that the killing was revenge for cutting them off and out the family, and the inheritance would just be the icing on the cake. This was a really good question!

    ~Jessica C P6 :)

  8. 3 Interesting Facts:
    - When the author first read about the murder, he remembered one of Edgar Allen
    Poe's poem of terror.
    -When the coroner was examining the body for the autopsy, it was done in the
    presence of a jury that consisted of citizens.
    -The murder was believed to be a conspiracy by loved ones.
    2 Connections:
    -People who lived in Salem when slavery was in progress, were involved in it one
    way or another.
    - This murder reminds me of many cases that we learned about in criminal justice,
    where the killing is done questionably. The evidence gives no guide to the motive
    for killing.
    1 Question:
    -Wouldn't it have been easier to steal money, jewels, etc. than risking your life to get the will? It would have been more effective to get the money they wanted and quickly, compared to waiting a long amount of time before it all started to come in.
    Reema C. Period 5

  9. Hey Liv!
    I think you bring up a great point! I personally believe that all the other people should have been punished like Richard. Maybe not to that extent, but close so they knew what they did isn't justified. Just because you testify, it shouldn't excuse you for what you did. It's like robbing a bank and then pleading guilty to doing it. If I hadn't plead guilty it would be like say around 10+ years, but because I said I did it, it would be 5+ years. I know, It's unfair.
    Reema C. Period 5

  10. 3 Interesting Facts:
    •Instead of taking money from the captain the murderers took a will which they believed said they would inherit much money
    •Crowninshields crafted his own weapons, a club and a “dirk”
    •Frank knapp was found to be part of the main crime and convicted of murder.

    2 Connections:
    • This murder case seems like many others, killing for inherited money and also suspects committing suicide to avoid prosecution
    • I, as well as all my classmates, have read The Scarlet Letter which was the inspiration of this murder.

    1 Question:
    •Why did Crowninshield make his own murder weapons instead of say buying them? This struck me as odd.
    Jarrett L.
    period 5

  11. The Tell Tale Murder
    3 Interesting Facts:
    -Even long before footprints were generally known as a very valuable source of evidence, Ward knew to cover a print he found with a milk pan to protect it. However, a plaster cast was never made.
    -It was originally thought that only one murder weapon was used but as forensic technology became more advanced, medical schools were able to prove that to be false.
    -Stephen White gave the local newspaper permission to publish any autopsy findings, but was soon suspected as the murderer.

    2 Connections:
    -The author, on page two, references the Salem witch trials in 1690. Two years ago, I was involved in play by Arthur Miller that was based on the trials.
    - Both Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne were influenced by this murder mystery, and used aspects of the trials in their work. I have read The Scarlet Letter and much of Edgar Allan Poe's work.

    1 Discussion Question:
    -Why would Stephen White give the local paper permission to produce autopsy findings and reveal them to the public?

    Sam B. Per. 5

  12. Jarrett,
    I think Crowinshield made his own murder weapons because he knew that if he had been suspected for the murder, it would be harder to potentially match a murder weapon to a maker. However, Crowinshield was eventually aquitted because of an alibi.

    Sam B. Per. 5

  13. 3 Interesting Facts:
    1. The murderer did not take the iron chest filled with doubloons.
    2. The murder occurred in Salem which is a very odd coincidence considering the salem witch trials occurred here.
    3. The lawyer appointed to the case was one of the most famous lawyers in american history.

    2 Connections:
    1. The murder that was committed was a common motive in that the inhertiance and will were wanted.
    2. The murder reminds me of the zodiac killings and the capote murders because it brought the whole community together in the cause of catching the killer.

    Discussion Question?
    In your opinion who should be given the harshest punishment, the Crowninsheilds who actually murdered him, or the Knapp's who paid the killers to kill him so that they could collect the will and his fortune?

    Jake Period 6

  14. 3 Interesting Facts:
    1. They murdered Captain White but they didn’t take any of his valuables.
    2. The town was so scared that the created voluntary watch and they offered a $1,000 reward for any information touching on the murder.
    3. I think it is interesting that when the letter was sent asking for money that the voluntary watch was smart enough to go with the letter and arrest whoever opened it.
    2 Connections:
    1. This murder like many today was based on greed. The reason why they killed him was for his money and jewels which relates to so many modern day murderers who just do it to steal.
    2. This reminds me of the zodiac killings on how the community came together to find the killer. Also this is like the movie the zodiac because there were a lot of suspects but not a lot of evidence
    1 Discussion Question:
    1. Have you ever been inspired by a tragic event in your writing?

    Austin C
    Period 6

  15. Interesting Facts:

    1.Many events of the case could be considered Unconstitutional. Such as the timing of the trials of the convicted and when the new “Committee of Vigilance” was appointed by witch hunters, it disobeyed the 4th amendment of illegal searches and seizures.

    2.It is interesting that Hawthorne and other authors used this trial as the plot of many stories and used the theme and setting to make their famous novels.

    3.There seems to be no mention of who represented the accused. The trial is read like the accused were set up for failure and had no chance to plea innocence.

    1.The trial and actions of the murder’s prosecutors are being assessed today for the validity of their actions and the reliability
    of the evidence presented.

    2.Many of Daniel Webster’s famous trials were to check the Constitutionality of actions by the courts. But, the actions and choices of Webster in this trial go against what he stood for and would not be allowed today.

    1.Who were Stephen and Mary the children of? They were the niece and nephew of Joe White but there is not mention of their family tree.

    Ryan H.
    Period 5

  16. 3 interesting facts:
    1. the use of plaster to recreate footsteps wasn't yet utilized in crime investigation.
    2. the murder brought the whole community together
    3. the created voluntary watch basically could do whatever they wanted.
    2 connections:
    1. The details of this murder were allowed for the public, which caused unnecessary terror. Today, many police reports aren't open for the public to read.
    2. This murder reminded me of the zodiac killings because it brought a whole community together.
    1 question:
    Why do you think Richard killed himself? Was it to save his brother?

    Jake, I believe that all the people involved should get the same amount of punishment because they all basically committed the same act.

    Shama K

  17. 3 Interesting Facts
    • How the people of Salem tried forgetting about the murder
    • How Nathaniel Hawthorne was a descendant of a judge who sent many people to hang during the witchcraft trials
    • How Richard Crowninshield made his own murder weapon
    2 Connections
    • Dimmesdale in The Scarlett Letter felt the same guilt as some of the murderers
    • This murder reminds me of a TV show on Showtime called Dexter because in one of the murders, Dexter created his own murder weapon, which was sort of like a baseball bat, to kill a serial killer.
    1 Question
    • Why didn’t the murderers steal anything valuable?
    -J. Munson, period 6

    I also thought it was very interesting how White was involved in the slave trade, and traded them for chunks of gold. Secondly, when I read how Richard hung himself in jail I was shocked just like you. To answer your question, I do think that all of the men should have gotten the same sentence because they were all involved in it in some way.

  18. •Shoe prints weren't significant back then in a crime scene
    •The murderer did not steal any of Captain White's valuables
    •Captain White was a slave trader before his death

    •This case connects to the Tv show "Pretty Little Liars" because in both situations, figuring out who the murderer was in both situations was a complicated task. However, the murderer is still unknown in "Pretty Little Liars"
    •Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne were both inspired by the events of this murder trial and both composed well-written literature from it.

    • Why did the murderer decide to leave all of Captain White's valuables behind when he killed him?

    -Jess B. p. 5

  19. Jarrett,
    I think that Crowinshield made his own weapon because if he bought it it would have rose suspicions about him earlier in the case. It also would have been easier to identify the weapon if it was store bought

    -Jess B. p. 5 (:

  20. I liked the original version more than the shortened version because it gave more detail. It showed more signs of him being insane. Also, the original talked more about how he murdered him (when he cut up the body) and gave detail on how guilty he felt. For example he says,"And now a new anxiety seized me - the sound would be heard by a neighbour!" He also talks more about the moments leading up to the murder. The original explains that the old man knew it was coming and says that his heart "grew louder and louder" because he must have been in terror. This explains why at the end the murderer kept hearing the beating of the heart. In the short story, it isn't explained as well because you don't know what the old man is feeling.

    Leah S
    Period 5

  21. 1. The killer did not take any valuables from White's house.
    2. In the 19th century there was a lack of forensic evidence to convict the murderer, if the crime took place today of would be much easier to charge a person with murder
    3. I thought it was interesting how Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne were both inspired by this trial

    1. Why did the killer not take any valuables from the house?
    2. Why did the detective preserve the shoeprints but not use them as evidence later on in the trial

    1. This murder reminded me of the show "Law & Order" because the procedures to convict the criminal in both the short story and show were both alike

    Jess B,
    I think the murderer did not take any valuables from the house because he killed out of cold blood. He had no legitimate motive to kill White and killed out of the darkness of his heart.

    Madison B per 6

  22. Jake,
    I think that all of these men should be punished severely. They all contributed to the crime which makes all of them guilty. In my opinion, it doesn’t mater who planned it and who committed the act.
    (3-2-1 is on a separate sheet of lined paper)
    Bob T
    Period 6

  23. 3 interesting facts:
    1. I was surprised that this murder case inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter because I didn't see guilt playing as large of a role in the murder as it did in the novel.
    2. Mr. White had a second copy of the will with his lawyer so that Joe Knapp could never get his money which was a smart idea.
    3. Richard hung himself in his jail cell.

    2 connections:
    1. Money is one of the main reasons for crimes and murder today which shows how our society can value cash over another human being's life.
    2. There are many movies and books that are popular nowadays that were inspired by real murders just like how Hathorne was inspired by White's murder.

    1 question:
    Why do some people value money so much that they are willing to kill? What causes this corrupted thinking?

    Response to Shama's Post:
    Shama i also was confused as to why Richard killed himself... Was it guilt, to protect himself, or to protect his brother?

    - Alexis A
    Period 6

  24. 3 Facts
    -No valuables were taken.
    -Some of the earliest forms of forensics were used in this case.
    -"The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe and "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne are inspired by this case
    2 Connections
    -The murderer's guilt ties to Reverend Dimmesdale in "The Scarlet Letter"
    -This reminds me of some of the cases we talked about in Criminal Justice class where there appears to be no motive
    1 Discussion Question
    -Why would Richard create his own weapon instead of using something he already had, bought or found etc?

    Dear Olivia,
    I too was interested in how the victim was involved with the slave trade. I personally feel a human is of more value than a chunk of gold. To answer your question, I feel all of the men should have received the same sentence.

    Caitlyn L Period 5

  25. Olivia,
    I thought it was unfair that only Richard was sentenced because he actually did the act of killing White. All of the men should have been treated equally, because they all had a share in planning the murder. After all, without the planning of the others, Richard wouldn't have killed anyone.
    Jenny L. Period 6

  26. 3 Interesting Facts
    1. Captain White was a slave owner
    2. The murderer did not take any of Captain White's valuables or touch the iron chest.
    3. Stephen Whit allowed to newspaper to write about autopsy findings and was soon after a suspect.

    2 Connections
    1. The murder reminded me and many modern day killing conspiracies of family members and spouses in order to gain their money.
    2. The murderer felt guilt as did Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter.

    1 Question
    If the murderer's motive was money, why didn't he just take the valuables? He already committed a horrible crime, why not another one?


    Alexis A, Some people really have no morals. It happened in the 1800s and it happens now. These horrid people truly believe that money and materialistic wants are everything. Also, many serial killers have psychological issues and disorders.

    -Amanda M, Period 5

  27. 3) They did a fairly good autopsy and forensic examination for that period.
    Hawthorne and Poe really were affected by crime
    The people of Salem were totally paranoid and scarred.
    2) People are still as paranoid about these kind of problems now.
    The forensics and trials have come a long way from then.
    1) Why were they so adamant on hanging someone? Richard hung himself to basically save the people the trouble so why do it again?

    Sarah period 6

  28. Interesting facts
    -They didn’t used plaster casts for criminal investigations
    -How the Knapps had the Crowninshields kill Captain White instead of just stealing the iron chest.
    -That no one in the house heard Captain White die

    -Looks like this type of murder is still common today. Some people kill their spouse to get money from the insurance company. I saw on a show that an old woman got married 3 times and killed all of them to get money.
    -Today it’s common to see some of people’s closest friends turn on them, like how Frank Knapp turn on Captain White. For example, in the movie Iron Man Stark is betrayed by his father’s old partner, Obadiah Stane.

    -Why did he have to kill White? Wouldn’t it be much safer to steal than to kill?

    Jarret, I think he made his own weapon to misguide the people that were investigating. Or maybe he thought it would help the Crowninshields kill White faster incase White tried to call for help or escape.

    Ashley Y. Period6

  29. THREE
    -the murder was investigated and they could even do autopsys back then, not as advanced, but it still got them somewhere.
    -Only a will was stolen from the captain because it was believed to be worth a lot of money.
    -the murderer made his own weapon, b.a.
    -The way murders are investigated and the way boddies are checked afterwards are similar.
    -People who are sentinced to jail often make their own weapons called "shanks" but Richard used a "club" and a "dirk."
    -Why didn't the murderer just take the money and (try) to run? I also wonder this when inocent people are killed in these types of cases :(

    -People value money so much because the world makes it out to be nessesary. To pay your rent you need money, to eat you need money, to drive somewhere to get that food you need money, etc. Though things were simpler back when this murder took place, money was still the same thing it is today. The murderers wanted to inhance their own lives in some way with this will but, ha, fail.


  30. 3 Interesting Facts:
    -What a huge impact the White murder case had on American writers
    -I found the statement, "A few of our merchants, like others in various seaports, still loved money more than the far greater riches of a good conscience, more than conformity with the demands of human rights, with the law of the land and the religion of their God" stated by minister Joseph B. Felt to be interesting because it shows the power that money has over people.
    -I also found the fact that the murders didn't take any money. It shows how much they hated Captain White and just wanted him dead.
    2 Connections:
    -When they mentioned how some of the Maritime families supported the slavery system and how they helped pay their sons’ Harvard tuitions really hit me. The fact that people would think it was perfectly fine to take away someone’s opportunities in life in order to pay for their son’s tuition costs so they could get opportunities really bothered me.
    - I know that this case inspired a lot of writers, but the whole mystery behind trying to figure out who had done it especially with multiple suspects and with what weapon, reminded me of the board game Clue. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that it has a character named Mr. White too.
    1 Question:
    I didn’t really understand the quote “’One seems to hear the bones of the victim crack under the grasp of a boa-constrictor.’”

    Treasure p6

  31. 3:
    -The murderer did not steal anything from the house
    -Richard committed suicide in the jail cell
    -Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne were interested in/inspired by this trial

    -Frank Knapp turned on Captain White, like some people to do their friends in high school. Unfortunately, some "cliques" exclude others for unnecessary reasons.
    -Dimmesdale in "The Scarlet Letter" felt guilt, like the murderer. Also, the main character in "The Tell Tale-Heart" had a guilty mind, leading him to admit what he did.

    1: Why didn't the murderer steal his victim's belongings?

    Alexis M, P5

  32. 3:
    -Many maritime families in Salem supported the slavery system in one way or another.
    -But the families did not speak of it to anyone because in Mass. antislavery sentiments ran high.
    -I was actually surprised when Richard committed suicide in the jail.
    -It's amazing what people could do for money. Richard was told by Joe that he's pay him for the crime, so out of greed he agreed to kill the Captain. In the gov't sometimes there's a lot of corruption. Political figures get bribed by rich people to act in certain ways at the cost of others' rights.
    -Richard reminded me of Gene from The Separate PEACE. tHEY Both were troubled by guilt.
    Would you ever murder/hurt another for money?

    Anjita Per. 6
    Joseph white

  33. @ Sarah per. 6
    1) Why were they so adamant on hanging someone? Richard hung himself to basically save the people the trouble so why do it again?

    I think they hung all the accomplices to bring justice to the victim of the murder. Even though Richard was the actual killer, the murder was planned by all four of them, so i think if one was punished, the resy of them also deserved it.

  34. Jessica C,

    I also made the connection witht the zodiac killings and i also agree with many of your other opinions on the story.

    Jake Period 6

  35. 3 interesting facts:
    Investigators didn't make a cast of the footprints to match to the murders.
    They didn't try to make it look like a burglary, which might have thrown the police off.
    That the main criminal has to be tried and convicted before their conspirators can be.
    2 connections:
    A murder like Captain White's that has haunted America, like this haunted Salem was the assassination of JFK.
    People kill for money now all the time, bank robbers, muggers, and people even kill their parents for the inheritance.
    1 question:
    Why did they think Captain White would keep the latest version of his will in the trunk and not with his lawyer?

  36. 3 Interesting Facts:
    1. The murderer (or murderers) didn't take any of the money from the chest or the chest.
    2. In Salem, there were witch trials, which is very strange considering the murder also took place here
    3.Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne were inspired by the story and wrote about it.

    2 Connections:
    1. Many murders are committed for reasons similar to this, like revenge and inheritance.
    2. The murder reminds me of the zodiac killings because it brought the whole community together when they tried to help in catching the killer.

    Discussion Question?
    Do you think that people have less guilt if they pay someone to murder someone else or if they actually committ the murder?

    Anjita - I would never be able to hurt or murder anyone else for money! Personally I find it disgusting to think that anyone could justify hurting someone else to get paid. It's like putting a price on someone's life.

    Carley W p5

  37. The Tell Tale Murder 321
    3- i think that the thirteen stab wounds in the chest region was really interesting because there were so many stab wounds that i am begining to think that the attack was personal and whoever did it wanted to make sure he was dead.
    -i also think it was really interesting how the police keep so may tabs on people and are able to research someone's background so thoroghly like when they found out that Joseph white was the owner of felicity
    - i found it also interestign to know that Richard killed himself before the trial because it makes me wonder if he was tryign to hide something or maybe there was some guilt

    2- i could connect the quote ''search any house and interegate every indivvisual'' becuase i just learned in criminal justice that by doing this it violates our fourth amendment but he also did say that in certain situations your fourth amendment right could be violated for the safety of the public
    -i also connected the quote ''but promised immunity for his tesomony'' to a show called law and order becuase they promise the same thing or sometimes a lesser change for people's testomonies

    1-the one question i have is if they have the tecnology like they said on the third page then why can't they use it in a emergency situation like this?

    Lauren N period 5

  38. 3 interesting facts:
    They didn't think to make plaster casts of the footprints, to help find the murderer.
    The murderer didn't even try to make it look like a burglary, to confuse investigators.
    That the main culprit had to tried and convicted before his conspirators could be brought to trial.
    2 connections:
    A murder that effected the country like this one did Salem was the assassination of JFK.
    Even now, people kill for money; whether it be inheritance, muggers, or bank robbers, people will go to great lengths for money.
    1 question:
    Why did the conspirators think he would keep his will with him, rather than safe at his lawyer's office?
    Gretchen G

  39. Carley, I think how they can distance themselves emotionally depends on how far they have to distance themselves physically. I think people feel guiltier when they do it themselves, because they are more emotionally involved, than if they hire someone else to do it, when they just need to know when it was done, not remember the feelings of killing someone for the rest of their lives.


  40. To J. Munson:
    I believe that they didn't steal anything valuable because they were hoping that the rich doctor left some money to them in his will.
    -Jarrett L.

  41. THREE Facts:
    1:Cap’n white was very very rich
    2:During the investigation, the authorities could search any one or house they thought was suspicious
    3:Mr. Coleman and Mr. Knapp killed Cap’n White out of greed. They wanted to get all his money, but had to kill him and burn his will so it wouldn’t go to the nephew.

    TWO Connections:
    1: The authorities had no idea who the killer was, and gave the body a gruesome autopsy. This reminded me of the book Still Life With Crows in which the case was the same: the killer of several bodies was completely unknown, and evidence was short.
    2: After the murder, the town went into lockdown. It says “Salem residents armed themselves with knives…” This reminds me of a moral in the short story “Civil Twilight” by Chuck Palahniuk which states that the period of time after a crime occurs is the safest an area will know because no one else wants to die or be falsely accused of the big murder, so the average crime rate decreases.

    ONE Question:
    1: Why did Coleman and Knapp so easily come forward to admitting they were the killers? Was is the guilt, like in the Tell Tale Heart?

    Dear Anon who didn't sign his/her name,
    The killers were probably all hyped up on the fact that they were going to end someone's life, and they thought "well, gee, its probably with his valubles." I mean, in the movie The Borrowers, the will was kept in a safe hidden in the wall. It probably wasn't uncommon to keep a will in your house safe with your valubles.

    With the utmost sincerity,
    Therese (6)

  42. Three:
    1)Nobody heard Captain White die!
    2)The voluntary watch group created after the murder. It was extremely clever of them to follow the letter with the $1,000 reward for information on the murderer and arrest the person, however what if they hadn't caught the guilty person and instead either a liar or an innocent person?
    3)I didn't know they had the scientific knowledge to preform autopsies back then. I was not aware of how advanced their forensics were.

    1)How crazy the murderer was reminded me of all the psycho, mass murderers who kill people for no REAL reason. He's like those people that are just scary because you have no idea what they are going to next or what's going to tick them off.
    2)In a strange way, Dimmesdale is connected to the murderer. Both felt such great guilt that they confessed to their sins. And both were going a little crazy before hand.

    1)What made Poe decide to write this story based off of the real murder?

    Steph Period 5