Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Tell Tale Heart- Poe

Which version do you like better?  Why?


  1. I liked the longer and more detailed version of Edgar Allen Poe’s A Tell Tale Heart, because I thought it allowed the reader to have a better understanding of the story, not just a summary like what we read in class. Also, the vocabulary he used was diverse which made reading it a little more interesting. I also liked how in the longer version, the narrator kept asking the reader if they thought he was insane or not, which only can lead me to believe that he truly was, in order to commit a crime such as that.
    -Julianne M, period 6

  2. Personally, I would fancy an original/classic version of something instead of a simple one any day. I really did enjoy Poe's version of A Tell Tale Heart. I feel like with poets, you can always see their poetry within any creative writing they do. I feel like this version is much more personal than the simpler one. You can really see into the mind of the main guy. I feel like I could really feel his emotions more clearly in Poe's version. Like in class, today, we debated on whether he was insane and for most of this story he is always telling the reader "You may think me mad, but...". He really gives us his reasoning behind the murder and it's interesting how he says it's only that pale blue eye that he must destroy. He says little by little his mind gets more used to the idea of murder... it really is like it's his last straw.
    Olivia N. Period SIX :O

  3. I really liked the original version of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." It gave more details and explained fully what happened. In the shorter version, I was a little disappointed when the story was over. The original provided more excitement and suspense compared to the one we read in class. The suspense is what makes the story more fun and compelling to read. In the original, I liked how the author kept asking what they thought of the murderer, because it makes you question the killer. I believe that the shortened version is a really accurate copy of the original.
    Reema C. Period 5

  4. After reading the simpler version in class, I liked the original Poe version better. I feel that at many parts it had almost the same wording, but the original story had more detail and you felt everything the narrator was saying. I also felt that the original version preserved the era and brought the 1840s alive with it. I liked how the beginning paragraph really drew you in as a reader . It kept asking why he was mad and really got you sucked in to see his side of the story and the thought process behind it.

    ~Jessica C Period 6

  5. I personally liked the simplified version much more than the original version. When reading the original version, I had trouble keeping up with the all of the names and things that happened. I just didn't really like the way it was written because it was almost too detailed. I also had trouble focusing when reading it because it had so many details and was very lengthy. I like the simplified version because it kept me interested and was much easier to understand. I liked how it was written and liked how I understood exactly what happened after reading it. In general I think the simplified very was more entertaining than the original version.

    Kelly L. P6

  6. I prefer the original version much more than the simplified version. The original has more details and explains what happened much better. It is also much more compelling in the sense it keeps up the suspense whereas the simplified version does not. I feel the simplified version doesn't give you the full effect that the original does.

    Caitlyn L Period 5

  7. I liked the original version more than the simplified version we read in class. The original was a lot more detailed and sophisticated than the other. I thought that the simplified version was almost too easy to understand. However, I don’t know how well I would have understood the original version if I had not read the simplified one first. The simplified version helped me understand the sequence of events and made analyzing the original much easier.
    Bob T
    Period 6

  8. I personally liked the simplified version of this story better. The original had so many details and words that I got bored halfway through. I especially didn't like how the writer repeated some words for emphasis because it made me feel like I was reading a poem. I feel that "less is more" for me in this case and I took alot more away from the simplified one then I probably ever would have from the original. It was short and to the point.

    - Alexis A
    Period 6

  9. I preferred to original version of the story more than the simplified version. The original one had more colorful and interesting language, and used literary devices such as similes. I didn't have any trouble reading this version, and it was much more detailed. The wording in the simplified version was slightly dull, and seemed more like a children's story.
    -Jenny L. Period 6

  10. I thought that the original version of the story was better than the abridged version we read in class. I felt that the language that Poe used to convey the narrator's language made the story more realistic and relatable. When reading the abridged version, it seemed too transparent to me, but the original definitely has more substance and depth. It felt more "personal" to me when reading it and could understand the narrator's emotions and intentions better. However, I agree with Bob that reading and discussing the simplified version in class first definitely made me appreciate the original more.

    -Sreedevi, period 6

  11. **narrator's behavior

  12. I enjoyed reading both of these versions, and although I appreciated all of the details and proper language in the original version, I liked the simplified version much more. In my opinion, I learn better when information is easy to understand, rather than having to pull apart the narrative to really understand what was going on. Poe was such a sophisticated writer, and I understand why he used such words and phrases in the original version. But, because none of us are professional writers, I thought that the simplified version was more appropriate and understandable. But also, because we read the simplified version already, and I knew what was going to happen, I wasn't as interested and curious when I read the original.

    Allie Period 6

  13. I did thing that the writing of the original information was quite beautiful, however Ms. Baker, I feel that your mess up helped me. I liked being able the read the simple version first because I knew exactly what was going on in the story. Then, since I already had the basis, I was able to read and appreciate the sophisticated writing style Poe used in him original version. I was not confused nor did I need to reread sentences to figure out what was going on. I felt that reading the simplified version was actually helpful.

    Amanda M Period 5

  14. I thought the orginial version was much more intriguing than the simpliied version. It was more descriptive and got the point of the short story across better. Poe's descriptions gave the story more emotion and value. The original version had complex writing which made it even more interesting to read. Although the simplified version was easier to understand, the orginial version held more meaning.

    Madison B.
    Per 6

  15. I love the original "Tell-Tale Heart" because I feel that it gives you more of a feeling for what's going on. And how truly insane the narrator is. Also the suspense and thumping of the heart are much more pronounced, which is what Poe wanted. Its the reason for the story, not only to creep people out, but make you feel the narrator's feelings.

    Sarah period 6

  16. I liked both versions but I think the simplified version is better because it was easier to read and guided me through the original version. Because I already knew what the story was about I enjoyed reading the original. Also, I found it interesting that, in the simplified version, a story of a murder could be written like a children’s story like Jenny said. Since murder is more of an adult thing I thought the story would be more sophisticated and difficult to read. -Ashley Y. Period6

  17. I enjoyed both versions, but I personally thought that Poe's original version was better. It was more descriptive so it gave a better idea of what was going on. Also, while reading the original version, I was able to visualize more than when I read the simplified version. The original version really helps the reader understand how the narrator is insane where the simplified version leaves the reader assuming that he could be.

    -Jess B. p.5

  18. From a reader's perspective, the original blows the "dumbed down" version out of the park; it's more descriptive, more intense, and more "eery"... unfortunately... I am lazy, therefore I personally enjoyed the one with fewer words. No doubt, you get more out of Poe's original, but I'm a fan of the quick reads what could I say.


  19. After reading both articles, i liked the second one more because I had a better feeling of how the narrator was feeling and why he preformed the actions that he did. I liked the wording of the original because I feel that it talked more about the narrator and his relations or feelings towards the old man leading to why he killed him. Also, I think I enjoyed the second story more because I had already read the easier one first, so I had a good base of what the story was about which made the second one easy and enjoyable. It also allowed me to look at the smaller details!

    Grace N Period 6

  20. Reading both articles gave me a good perspective of what descriptive writing is verses simplified. I liked the 2nd less wordy story because it allows me to grasp the literature fully. The 1st one however is beautifully written and is absolutely a 100% creepier the then the 2nd one, which is more fun to read and disect!

    Roz T. period 5

  21. I enjoyed the longer version of the story MUCH more than the shortened version. The original story contains much more detail, which allows the reader to get a better sense of how the narrator feels. I felt like I was able to make more connections to the second story because there was more information. Also, I think that the shortened version was "choppy" and rushed. By reading the shortened version first, I knew the foundation of the story which ended up helping me to better understand the second version. In the shortened version, there wasn't any suspense because the murder was short and to the point, whereas in the second story it was more suspenseful because the killing took longer to happen.

    Alexis M - Period 5

  22. I liked the original version of the story much better than the first one. I had never read the simplified version of "The Tell Tale Heart". I had only read the original version by Poe. Therefore, after reading the one we read in class, I can now see that the original story has MUCH more detail, and is filled with many small literary elements that give it a certain "dark" yet entertaining quality. In my opinion, I enjoyed the original story by Edgar Allan Poe better than the second one, but only because I'm more of a fan of the way Poe tells his stories rather than a re-working of his tale.

    Sam B. Per. 5

  23. I actually liked the original version of the story better. I thought I was going to like the other one because it was more simple, however I actually liked the original because it was more detailed. I seemed to get a better understanding of the charcter and his thoughts. He seemed a lot more dark and complex in the original than he did in the more simplified version and I feel that it suits Poe's style much more since he's weird and a creeper.
    Treasure p6

  24. In my opinion I liked the real version of the tell tale heart much better. I thought that the simpler version was much to bland and there was simply not enough detail. With the original classic version you get much more detail and therefore you gain much more from the story. With more descritpion you can get a better idea of the way the people in the story are feeling and reallhy get into the mind of Edgar Allen Poe, whereas the simpler version just felt like a synopisis or summary of the classic version.

    Jake Period 6

  25. It's hard to say which version of the story I like better because both of them left me with the same impression, a bit confused. If I had to choose, it would be the more elaborate Poe's version. One reason is that it's more descriptive than the summery which makes the story suspenseful. Also, another thing I noticed was that the original contains a paragraph that's missing in the edited one. The paragraph is about the old man's "groan of mortal terror". The narrater says he "knew what the old man felt, and pitied him". He says he knows the groan was not of pain or grief, but horror. Even though the old man was trying to console himself by making useless reasons of the horror, like it's only the wind, or mouse, or cricket. "but he had found all in vain because Death, in approaching him had stalked with his black shadow before him, and enveloped the victim. And it was the mournful influence of the unperceived shadow that caused him to feel - although he neither saw nor heard - to feel the presence of my head within the room." I think this is an important piece that's missing in the edited version because it shows that the narrator is imagining how his victim is feeling at the time. He even says he pitied him for feeling terrified because he has felt it too: "it has welled up from my own bosom, deepening, with its dreadful echo, the terrors that distracted me." Yet, he plans to kill the old man. This is not logical at all. So his effort to convince the reader that he could not be a madman because he has sharpened senses and carefulness that madmen don't possess is useless.
    Period 6

  26. I liked the packet version better because it was shorter and got more to the point. I didn't feel that the longer version provided all that much more to think about, and essentially made the story more boring because it left nothing to the imagination so we had nothing to think about!
    -Carley W P5

  27. After reading both versions of the story, I would say that my favorite one was the smaller packet version. This is simply because of one description that was added in the original version. In the original, the author mentions that the freak killed the old man and that he chopped up the limbs of the body. Therefore we know he is dead and creates a less suspenseful ending. In the packet version, this detail is not mentioned and at the end when the clicking occurs, it allows you to think that he is maybe alive or if the freak is just imagining things.

    Ryan H. Period 6

  28. I personally liked the more elaborate version written by Edgar Allen Poe. Usually, most people would prefer the simpler version, but the original has more complex ideas. I also like it because the words that are being used are coming from his mind directly. They are jumbled and don't make much sense, but that is the image they are looking for. His thoughts shouldn't be characterized under simplicity, and the original really shows that. It also has a lot more detail of the murder, even though to some people it's gruesome. The more brief version just tells you that the man is dead, but doesn't really describe how. The more detailed story grabs your attention in the fine detail he uses.

    Taylor S. P5

  29. Personally, after reading both versions of the stories, i enjoyed the longer and more detailed version of Edgar Allen Poe’s A Tell Tale Heart because it was much more interesting and gave me more than just a summary of what happened, which is what the shorter version did. I had a hard time reading the shorter version because it was much more dull.
    Connor Moho period 5

  30. The Tell Tale Murder 321
    3- i think that the thirteen stab wounds in the chest region was really interesting because there were so many stab wounds that i am begining to think that the attack was personal and whoever did it wanted to make sure he was dead.
    -i also think it was really interesting how the police keep so may tabs on people and are able to research someone's background so thoroghly like when they found out that Joseph white was the owner of felicity
    - i found it also interestign to know that Richard killed himself before the trial because it makes me wonder if he was tryign to hide something or maybe there was some guilt

    2- i could connect the quote ''search any house and interegate every indivvisual'' becuase i just learned in criminal justice that by doing this it violates our fourth amendment but he also did say that in certain situations your fourth amendment right could be violated for the safety of the public
    -i also connected the quote ''but promised immunity for his tesomony'' to a show called law and order becuase they promise the same thing or sometimes a lesser change for people's testomonies

    1-the one question i have is if they have the tecnology like they said on the third page then why can't they use it in a emergency situation like this?

    Lauren N period 5

  31. i think that the original version is better becuase it adds a chilling effect and adds suspense. i also like the original better becuase it has a lot more detail than the deluded version. the original also made the killing more reall to me. it wasn;t as clear as the deluded one which help me understand the story better but i fell like the orginal was also written better.
    Laurne N period 5

  32. I liked the more detailed version of Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it gave the story more significance. When I read the shorter version, I found myself asking, what's the point? the plot was so short and dry that it wasn't a satisfying story to finish. However, the longer version gives insight into the character's thinking and motives and makes it a truly enthralling story.

  33. I liked the original version better than the abridged version because it had more eloquonce. In the abridged version the main character shows us more of his thoughts and how he was feeling throughout the story. It was nice to read the easier version to understand the story and then read the orignal to get mor ein depth. Reading the stories this way also helped me appreciate Poe's writing style.
    Shama K

  34. I like the unabridged version. Poe has a certain prose to his writing that can't really be translated into shorted versions of his work. The longer version is masterful at creating atmosphere and suspense.

    Luke S.
    Period 6

  35. I don't really like the story either way, but I like the more difficult version better. It had more description, and portrayed the mind of an insane person better. It told his twisted thoughts in the disconnected way the story was written, and the details were much creepier, which made it much more horrific, which for this story, was much more engaging. It's like you cant keep reading, but you cant stop either.

    Gretchen G

  36. Personally i enjoyed the real story rather than the simplified version. In the simplified version i feel like everything was just given to me and my mind didn't have to work to get facts out of the story. Also the real version, in a weird way, actually explains the story better and helps me understand what is going on. The real story kept me a lot more engaged. I enjoyed it much more.
    -Jarrett Levesh
    period 5

  37. I liked Poe's original version better. It was more revealing and kept me interested. I really REALLY like Poe's writing style, so seeing it simplified didn't excite me. I felt more suspense in the original version that was definitely missing in the simplified one, which got right down to the point quickly.

    - Therese (6)
    [...I'm sorry if this posted 3 times...I can't tell if its posting or not :( ]

  38. I like the longer version of Poe's story because it was much more artistically and classically written, while many people could have written the shorter version. The original version shows real talent and has much more description in it. The reader can really tell what is happening and how the old man is getting killed. In the shorter version, a lot is left up to the imagination. This makes it pretty interesting and is great, but it was just too simple.

    Steph Persiod 5

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