Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Poem of the Week: "Ex-Basketball Player" - Updike

Please write a 2-3 sentence reflection on ths poem.  Read the responses to those who have commented before you, and build upon their ideas.  Draw connection to the themes and charcaters in Death of a Salesman.  Due Friday.



  1. I didn't like the poem. I don't really understand baseball so it seems like I missed out on some parts. However, the poem had a deeper meaning. It talked about the once great baseball player being grey and not the man he was. This is similar to Willy in DOS.

    Eden W.
    p. 5

  2. This poem shares the common theme of the fact that fame never lasts. Every athlete has their glorious years, but this cannot last forever because of the toll that time has on a person. Flick was an amazing basketball player in his years of highschool which probably made his highschool years one of the best times in his life. This didn't last forever and eventually Flick finds himself warn up, tired, and working at a mechanics shop. This part of his life is more humble then his high school years because he is no longer famous, he is just a simple person with a regular job just like everyone else. He still remembers the years where he played basketball and even juggles a tire once and a while. Fame doesn't last forever, but the years where you are famous are truly memorable just as they are for Flick. This relates to Biff in Death of a Salesman because at first he was the star quarterback of his high school's football team, but later he opens a simple sporting goods shop with Happy. He is no longer famous and all he has is a store and his family. Fame is a feeling that can only be felt for a brief moment in life until it slowly withers away just as it did for Biff and Flick.

    Lianne Y Per. 5

  3. The poem's main character, Flick, parallels Biff in Death of a Salesman. Both characters when they were younger were star athletes; thus it would have been reasonable to predict that they would live successful lives. When Biff was a child, Willy was hopeful that Biff would be successful. However, in the present he disappointed to find that Biff has not become a salesman like WIlly wanted. Similar to the turnout of Biff's life, Flick's life is not what he had envisioned in high school as he is now working a menial job at a gas station. In both works, the characters' lives are filled with discontent.

    David P5

  4. In this poem, Flick is portrayed in a tragic way. It appears that being a basketball star for his high school team was the high point in his life, and now his life, as a gas pumper, is be mediocre at best. As Lianne stated Flick clearly parallels Biff in the Death of a Salesman since both men were once sports stars and now have very basic lives that don't seem to fit their former glory. However, Biff seems content living out West although this is not the conventional form of success. This makes me wonder if Flick considers himself successful or content with his simple life as a gas pumper.

    Griffin P5

  5. I agree with David and Griffin about how the character Flick is like Biff in "Death of a Salesman". Flick is sporty and athletic as a young boy and then he ends up working at a gas station as a grown man. This poem also made me think of Willy's belief that appearance and popularity bring a person success in life because it is proof that that isn't necessarily true.

    Katlyn G, P2

  6. Flick is comparable to Biff in the idea that he was once a star in high school, and now he is just a lost man in a big world. He is unsure of himself, as you can see by his "fine and nervous [hands]". During his football games "his hands were like wild birds". The obvious change in demeanor may be an indicator to show that he is grown now. Before, he was a boy who was so full of confidence that it didn't watter what his hands did, they were perfect. Now he is so meticulous, careful to avoid mistakes, because he has no clue who he really is.

  7. I agree that this poem relates to Biff in a way that time changes everything. This poem describes the ex-superstar of highschool; the one who had it all. It says "He was good: in fact, the best," giving the impression that Flick should have been successful. After time, Flick turned into a man who has a normal life unlike the one he had when he was younger. Biff is like this, holding onto his glory years in highschool even when he turned out to be unsuccessful and lonely.

    Rebecca W. P. 2

  8. I think that this "Ex- Basketball Player" is just like Biff in a sense. He was once the star and he had his glory days where he was the center of attention and had a lot of potential. Biff was the same way, he was a big football player and got all the attention from his friends, parents, and coaches. I think that Flick lost his potential and talent, and especially his drier over time, and I think that this could maybe foreshadow to what may happen to Biff!

    Rachel I. Per 1

  9. This poem was a little difficult for me to understand at first because I don't understand some of the sport terminology. However, after reading it again, some of the key similarities to Biff stand out. I agree with Rebecca in that time has a role and both Flick and Biff should have been successful by Willy's standards. What I think Willy didn't realize is that popularity in high school does not equate to success in the real world. Sports, while they have their value, are not usually the key to success, with the exception of those who are good enough to become star athletes later in life. For most people though, success and happiness is better accomplished in other ways. Biff is finally realizing that, and Flick doesn't seem to be happy with his life either. It seems that as time goes on and things change, goals change as well.

    -Amy B Period 1

  10. Flick is very similar to Biff in that they both very successful in sports and at the top of their game at one point in their lives but then they went off of the track that they were originally going on. Though it seems tragic, I think it can also be viewed in a more positive light in that it's their way of finding themselves and figuring out who exactly they are and what they want to do. Even if they both seem to be stuck, sometimes situations have to get worse before they can get better. For example, Flick ends up working at a gas station just as Biff doesn't seem to be able to fulfill his dream of opening up a ranch and being successful.

    - Sarah C. Period 5

  11. As most others, I also see the resemblance of the character and fate of Biff from DOS and Flick from this poem. Both were once athletic heroes and therefore the center of attention. However, these days came to an end for both of them. I think this relates to the theme that if you're not completely passionate and dedicated towards something, you will not be successful at it. It's possible that Biff and Flick stopped working as hard and became less dedicated because they lost interest and passion. And, just because they are working at a farm or an old gas station does not mean they are unhappy. Happiness means different things to people and at the end, we have to pursue what makes us happy, instead of trying to please others or live up to certain standards.
    -Ayeshra A. Period 1

  12. I agree that Flick in this poem relates to Biff. Biff used to be a star athlete, just as Flick was. However, these hobbies ended when they became adults and they both found themselves with unstable jobs and no real career. This also reminds me of Willy, because he believes that the key to success is someone being well liked and having popularity. However, both Flick and Biff prove Willy wrong because both were popular in school, but have yet to find success in the real world. Both Biff and Flick have not found out who they really are yet. They don't know what they want in life, therefore they can't become successful. Contrary to what Willy believes, fame is not everything in this world because it does not last. Finding out who you really are and what you want to do in life to become successful is the most important.

    Haley K. Period 5

  13. Flick Webb was a high school basketball star, but now works in a gas station. It seems like he regrets his life, and has not accomplished perhaps what he imagined he would while he was in high school. This poem connects to Willy in DOS because he feels like he hasn't accomplished much, which is why he tries to live through Biff and Happy so that they turn out to be successful.

    Julia Watsky P.2

  14. I personally did not take a liking to this poem. The beginning is very confusing to me. Especially when the author states, “Five on a side, the old bubble-head style, their rubber elbows hanging loose and low. One’s nostrils are two S’s, and his eyes An E and O." This is not the only time I felt confused. Many times, I had to re read stanzas in order to correctly interpret the story as a whole. However, after reading it through a couple of times I found that Flick seems to be very similar to Bif. Mainly, I think there similarity stems from them both being star athletes in high school. After high school both characters seem to be a little lost in the real world. I can also agree with Lianne when she states, "This poem shares the common theme of the fact that fame never lasts. Every athlete has their glorious years, but this cannot last forever." Both Biff and Flick portray that very well in there life.

    ~Isabella S. period 2

  15. I agree that Biff resembles Flick in the sense that they were both high school athletes and basically lost themselves after high school. This relates to the theme that you have to work to get what you want and nothing comes easy. I think this can relate to Biff because after his injury he basically gave up and his looks didn't really get him anywhere like Willy had predicted it would. This theme can also relate to Flick because he was the best at what he did and didn't bother to work for anything else and ended up selling gas. Both Flick and Biff were the best at what they did until it all faded and now they're basically nothing.

    Morgan Lazowy p.2

  16. I did not like this poem. It was too much of a story for my liking. However, I do agree with the other people who said that Flick resembled Biff. In the poem it says “Flick stands tall among the idiot pumps,” and I think this is trying to show that Flick fits right in because he is also an idiot. This is like Biff because he didn’t do too well in school and now is nowhere in life. I find it sad that many people hit their peak in high school because then there is nothing left exciting for them in life.
    Anna B., period 5

  17. Like Willy, there was a time when Flick was a glorious man, one to look up to. But, as time wears on both these men have lost their talents that made them great. "Death of a Salesman" and "Ex-Basketball Player" both have a similar theme of "time causes many changes." In the poem, "Once Flick played for the high-school team, the Wizards" Flick was once in his prime like Willy was once in his prime for selling.
    Christina Smith

  18. I think it's sad that so many people have these great abilities and talents yet they go un-used. This poem, like Death of a Salesmen, is just another example of how peoples own little imperfections sometimes halt what they have the potential to be. Both Flick and Biff waste there potentials, and since I don't know the back story about Flick I can't make many connections. What I can say though is that both had an inhibition to pursue what they obviously loved in one sense or another. This connects to a possible theme(at least for me) of Death of a Salesmen, that being ,"Do what you love and you will love".

    Steve Zocher
    Period 5

  19. The main character in the poem is very similar to Biff; they were both star athletes who peaked in high school. They were both extremely talented and they were respected and admired because of it. They were so highly elevated because of their athletic ability that they never bothered to acquire skills that would help them in life. After high school they never really built lives for themselves. They never got good jobs or settled down. Both characters focused too much on what they were good at instead of finding worthwhile life skills and as a result dropped their social standing from the top to the bottom.

    Evan B period 5

  20. The character in this poem, Flick, reminds me of Biff and Happy in Death of a Salesman because each character used to be stars in high school and were the pride of their schools sports team. The only problem is that sports were the only thing these people focused on and so after high school they have dead-end jobs. Biff and Happy don't know what they want to do with their lives and are not satisfied with their jobs in the business world. None of these people took school seriously and were not well-rounded and because of this they became failures in life.
    Carlye M. Period 5

  21. Flick and Biff have a lot in common. They are both former star athletes and everyone knew them. But now, it seems that Flick dropped his only talent, basketball. He seems a little lost. Biff and Flick had one talent, sports. And I think that everyone should use their talents in life, but if you can't support yourself and create a career from those talents, you need to broaden your range of interests. Flick works at a gas station and doesn't enjoy one minute of it. What is the point of doing something you don't enjoy? That's just wasting life.
    Anna. T p.5

  22. I kind of thought this poem was like a tradegy. The person, Flick in the poem was once a beloved basketball player and now he's a gas station attendent. This guy is pretty much Biff, In Death of a Salesman. They both were once great athletes and now they are nobodies. I guess this goes to show you, always have a backup plan.

    Conor Smith

  23. I agree with everyone else that Flick is similar to Biff in The Death of a Salesman. Both boys were excellent at their sports, Biff at football, Flick at basketball, but only succeeding in athletics in high school made them destined to fail. In Death of a Salesman, Biff never had a steady job and always leaned towards low paying jobs that required labor, just like Flick in which he is a mechanic. This goes to show who you are in high school doesn't always follow you later in life.
    Brittany Sullivan Period 5

  24. Flick and Biff are similar because they both were athletes, and later on didn't seem to end up succeeding in the business world. It goes to show you that you shouldn't take high school for granted. Thing about your other interests. Life moves on fast, and we don't take the time to think about our futures before it's too late. Flick is now working at a gas station, and no longer feels the joy he felt while playing football. He needs to find a passion that will give him as much joy as football did. This is also what Biff needs to do to feel good about himself, and he may eventually have more positive thoughts about settling down.

    Cassie F-C
    Period 5

  25. I like how this poem tells the story of so many even now. It's like what happened to Biff in the Death of a Salesman play that we're reading in class and how he went from being a Football star to being a lowly farm worker. It's symbolic of those who were popular in school and didn't necessarily succeed in life due to their focus being on sports and not grades, although in today a lot of sports people actually do participate more active in school work, unlike in the 1940's and 50's where being the star of the sports scene was supposed to help your future. It shows that the current may not be brought into your future if you don't try hard enough to make a difference that follows you throughout life.

  26. Flick reminds me of Biff because both characters had their glory days in high school. They were both excellent football players, and that was their passion. But unfortunately everyone's glory days do have to end sometime. Flick and Biff ended their glory days when they graduated high school. Once their glory days ended they seem to be having a hard time being happy again. They both hate their jobs and they are just miserable. I'm not quite sure if they will ever be as happy as they were in high school.

    Miriah Ventre
    Period 5

  27. I find that Flick is very similar to the main character in "Death of a Salesman", Biff. They both used to be very successful athletes who had something out there for them. Flick was a basketball player and Biff was a football player. They both just gave it all away and now have a very sad way of life not making much money at all. This happens a lot in our society where people think that they do not need a skill or to learn in school to make it in life but to simply live in a world of sports. This doesn't usually work for most people and they become thoroughly disappointed.

    Morgan Reed
    Period 1

    1. I agree with what you and pretty much everybody else has said about the correlation between Flick and Biff. I also agree with the fact that you said people believe they they "do not need a skill or to learn in school to make it in life". A lot of people think this and unfortunately it doesn't always turn out as planned or go as smoothly has highschool might of went for some people.

      Cory W Period 1

  28. This poem speaks to the same end as Miller's Death of a Salesman . Flick has wasted is life in an useless industry and now wastes his sunset years working a student's job. Just as Willy's, his early tendencies to frivolous employment have doomed him to a wasted life.

  29. This poem talks about how Flick was a great athlete in his childhood, which is the same case for Biff in Death of a Salesman. From this, one would predict that these two characters would achieve many things in their lives and live successful and great ones. However, as we find out, in both cases, the two characters don't lead the lives that one would expect them to, as Biff doesn't become a salesman and Flick works at a gas station. Both of these cases may draw some disappointment towards the characters.

  30. I agree with what many other people have said that Flick is very similar to Biff. Both of them did very will in sports while in high school. It seems like for both of them high school was really their prime and the coasted through. After coasting through high school on sport achievements they probably just didn't know how to cope with the real world. During high school they seemed to have so much going for them but both ended up unsuccessful and forgotten.

    Jackie W. Per 2.

  31. I noticed very quickly that Flick got lost in his high school years; barried in sports. Every athlete has their triumphant years, but this can't last forever because simply our bodies aren't made to compete mentally and physically on the field for a life time. Flick was an amazing basketball player in his years of highschool which probably made his highschool years one of the best times in his life. However, flick spent to much time focusing on basketball and didn't realize that his basket ball career wasn't going to take him through life. Flick peaked in highschool and that isn't necessarily bad, however, it is really hard to live up to the same standards after highschool. CLearly Flick had a reality check after highschool by working in the mechanic's shop.

    Cassidy M P2

  32. I am not a fan of this poem. I feel like it's very interesting and in the beginning, seems like there is going to be a hopeful story line. However, it soon dies out and just talks about how Flick works and doesn't play basketball for the big leagues or anything.I agree with waht everyone else has already said about the correlation to Flick and Biff. They were both High school stars and have died out. Hopefully in the play however, Biff can turn his life around.

    Anna Atkinson
    Period 1

  33. As a lot of my peers have said, there are many similarities between Biff and Flick. They are both at their prime in high school and become absorbed in sports, yet they don't exactly make it far after high school is over. It's a bit sad how both of them have turned out and though it seems that Flick has no hope, maybe there will be hope for Biff as "Death of a Salesman" progresses.

    - Fatoumata Sylla
    Period 2.

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  35. This article showed me something that very few teenagers are aware of, that being successful and popular in high school doesn't mean anything in the real world. I was saddened by the idea that a lot of people, including people I know, could end up like Flick Webb did, working at a gas station the greater part of their lives. I find Flick Webb to be very similar to Biff because they were both high school athletes, but struggled to succeed after high school.

    Justin W. Period 5

  36. After reading the poem in its entirety, I went back and was able to further interpret it. I liked how the second stanza describes the gas pumps as people around Flick, perhaps the only people he can stand tall over now that he's done being a high school star. Flick's story is sad, but not as uncommon as I think it should be.

    Steven K. Period 2

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