Sunday, October 03, 2010


Post at least two arguments "against war." Please check previous posts so as not to repeat ideas. Use examples from history, literature, art, music etc... If you find the information online, be sure to copy and paste the URL. This information will be used in a class debate, and will help you complete your first practice SAT essay.


  1. War is never justified because it involves the death of innocent soldiers most of the time, and basically the families of these soldiers have to deal with the grief of their kid dying in some foreign land.

    War is never justified because it involves the destruction of cities. The inhabitants of these cities often are not warned that they will soon die, and millions of homes are destroyed.

  2. War is justified when it is for the protection of your people and your land.

    War is not justified when you attack someone to gain something.

    Mike G

  3. I don’t think that war is justified because it involves the death of innocent soldiers and civilians

    Also, war is bad because it can cause other nations to become your enemy

  4. War is never the answer to any of our problems. It tears apart families, and the costs may hurt the economy.

    War is never justified because no matter what, there will always be civilian casualties. Innocent people will lose their lives for no reason.

  5. War is never justified. In war, countless people die and there is never justification for when lives are purposely taken. Also, war ruins economies and puts countries into deep debt. This over time could ruin the global economy. These are two reasons why war is never justified.

    J. Pantani Per 1

  6. Justified- War is only justified if the person in power kills countless amounts of people to the point where it takes more men to stop him then he killed
    “War is not who’s right or wrong just who’s left”
    Not Justified – when war and danger is put into someone’s life because of resources and a countries personal gain.

  7. I think that war is never justified, because it kills so many innocent people. Also, it destroys people's land and belongings.

    I think that war is never justified, because it wastes a lot of time, and money, that we could put to a lot better use.

  8. No matter who wins or loses is always tension in the end. Even when the war is long gone, the hatred never leaves the people. War also always leaves one side happy and satisfide, while the losing side has nothing. War can break a country and it happens all the time. For example African countries are always fighting amoungst themselves, thats why all the countries are so poor and disfunctional.

    Conor D. per. 1

  9. War is a bad example for children who are the next generation and should know right from wrong. Seeing war happen at a young age makes kids think that it is ok, and it sets a bad example for them.

    I also think war is wrong because most of the soldiers who are in the war, don’t want to be there. When soldiers get drafted they don’t have a say in whether they want to go to war or not but they have to.

  10. War is never justified because it ruins people's lives, tears apart families, and the soldiers that survive suffer from PTS.

    War is also never justified because people always die in a war, there has never been a war with 0 deaths.

    1. yes. but i know its late comeing but iff 10,000 people have to die to save 60 billion, than its not a bad price. im not saying that killikg someone is right but, if we were taken into slavery, i would be thankful that someone gave thier life to save 60,000 people

    2. i think war is justified because in the end they all end

    3. Tim R, umm... the Cold War?

  11. War can cause people,Particularly young men, to have after war problems. This can effect the rest of their lives.

    War is bad.

  12. I think war is never justified because it causes inncoent peoples houses and personal belongings to be destryoed, innocent people are killed. It also causes so many negative effects after it from everyone trying to deal and cope with what happended and how there lives will always be different.

    miranda p

  13. War isnt justified because is causes pain in many innocent family and people.

    Also, War can easily make many people your enemy and hurt you in the future.

  14. War isn't justified because it causes suffering and pain to the family's of those who lost there life during it.

    Also, war can make enemies out of your friends.

  15. War is never justified because it causes many casualties on both sides. Soldiers get KIA and also innocent civilians get killed for just being there. If you look at any war you will see a lot more civilian deaths than deaths of soldiers. Also war is never justified because it costs the countries billions of dollars to fight that war. The money that goes into fighting a war could go to something more useful in the country like creating jobs or paying off debt that country owes.

    Nikolaus V.

  16. 1. War is unjustified because I feel like killing a soldier is a crime and you shouldn't use violence to get what you want. It should never be okay to kill someone from another country just becasue you were forced to fight in the war. No one deserves to die in war because people go to war to protect their country.. but I think war could be resolved in a way that doesn't kill innocent people.

    2. Also, I don't agree with war because I think a better solution would be to make peace. Instead of fighting, countries could make peace treaties to put an end to all the violence. The world would be a better and safer place to live if there were no wars going on.

    Rosalie D. Period 2.

  17. Its not that war isn't justified, it's just that it must be mutual. In war counties formally declare it upon each other, and then WILLINGLY soldiers enlist to do what the deem heroic. Think about it, have you ever heard of a country crying and moaning about a war they conceded to. It's when one side chooses to massacre mercilessly. Like when a modern tyrant in Africa attacks a tribe that only has but spears and shields to defend themselves.
    War is an adults version of an argument, thats all. Just like the differences from when we were kids and what we do now, is that there is more at stake, all your chips are down instead of playing the game were everyone sees the others hand.
    And as for the argument that "war kills innocent people." Thats just dumb, if someone is passionate enough to want to put all the have in this world on the line to do something the have deep passion for, then there is no reason we shouldn't let them. Some people are just like that, some are addicted to alcohol, and some get a thrill from the battlefield (or what they make it out to be).
    Not to say self defense isn't a bad reason to go to war, but it is a bit of a cop-out. In that situation, you need to be the bigger man, lay down the law and get your point across in a much more dignified way than getting your hands dirty. After all do you see people of power punching someone square in the face for bad-mouthing them? No. And if if you thought so your wrong.
    Daniel S

  18. War is never justified because it can cause permanant damage to the environment.

    War is never justified because it hurts innocent people.

  19. 1. War is never justified because it promotes racial tension and killing in the countries involved. For example, during WWII, Americans were taught to hate Germans, Japanese, etc.

    2. Also, war is never justified because all it is is really just legal serial killing. War is all about killing as many people from the other country as possible, and that's just mindless slaughter, like serial murder.

    Tim O. Per 7

  20. War is never justified because it never sloves the solution you want to solve. All it leads to is violence and new deaths posted everyday. If we want to be a producive country we should have never let violence control our lives the way it does now.

    War is never justified because of all the families that suffer each and everyday. Wondering if their family member is going to come home in a body bag. All the wars in the world could not compare to the suffering all families go through.

  21. War is not justified because it costs countless inoccent lives, civilian and military alike. During different operations soldiers loss their lives because they are fighting the "enemy" and civilians get caught in the crossfire.

    War also costs the countries millions, if not billions, of dollars in funding and with a long on-going war, like the war in Iraq, the tax payers end up stuck with the bill for a war they dont believe should be happening.

  22. War is not justified because it kills thousands of innocent people, i also think is expensive and waists a lot of money. Properties and buildings get destroyed and many people are left homeless.

    It also sets out a bad example for the coming generations, children should be taught that killing and fighting is not right. War destroys everything.


  23. cait-
    war is never a justified when its killing the innocent people that did nothing to us in the first place.
    war also has very bad affects on the envorinment.

  24. War is never justified because its usually only over land hatred towards a certain race. No one really needs more land, we all have enough land so why kill innocent people. Just because someone is a different color doesnt mean that people have to be captured and people killed because someones different.
    from Matthew c
    period 7

  25. i think that war could be avoided if and only if everyone agrees to not go to war and settle thing in different ways. A good example is like whats going on in Isreal and Iran are doing they aren't fighting with guns they are sitting down and talking about it. also i think if people could just get along there would be no way we would have to go to war ever again.

  26. I personally believe war is never justified. I believe war is almost a last resort.. it is something we do when there is nothing else. It is a way to reach an agreement but the agreement is not reached properly. People should not die over simple matters that we as a nation tend to fight over. Many people die in war who shouldn't. I believe war could be avoided very easily but it often is not. I believe war is almost a childish act..someone who is young (a child) would fight with another child over a matter, but we are a sophisticated nation who should be able to come to an agreement with another nation and doing so, avoiding combat.

    War sometimes is justified if it is to save another nation. For example WWII. We as a nation had to join the war to save many people and to over all stop the Nazi party from trying to take over the world. That was wrong alone though because the way the Nazis acted was un-human. Other than this circumstance, War is never justified.

    Alex T. Per. 7

  27. War is justified, you could argue that it involved killing and injuring innocent people, but what if those people wanted to take that risk to protect or fight for what they are fighting for. You could also say that usually there is a better way to settle a conflict, but that isn't always possible. There are times that the only options are to surrender or fight, if you don't challenge them they can get away with anything just by threatening way. Usually there is a better way but SOMETIMES way is justified.

  28. War is justified when a nation as a whole needs to defend itself and its interests. The United States in its history has waged war for many reasons including in its own defense, the defense of its allies, and the aid of others. For example the Vietnam Conflict was a “support” mission in which US forces were to aid the South Vietnamese in the defense of their nation, where as the war in Afghanistan is an example of the US defending itself from terrorists and a response to the atrocities committed on our soil on 9/11.

    War is unjustified when it is waged for reasons other than those listed above. In world history wars have been fought for countless reasons like honor, faith, land, oil, and countless other meaningless things. Millions have died in the past for nothing, or next to nothing. That is unjustifiable.

    Nick M. per. 8

  29. 1. War is never jusified because the definition of war is a conflict carried on by force of arms. Conflict is never a good thing and could consist of the killing of innocent people, destruction of land, and many other horrible things.
    2. War can also lead to many future permenant things. For example, if two countries are at war with each other for 20 years both countries are going to be at some loss of people and goods which hurts them in the future. Also, if nothing is solved then the future of the whole world could be effected.
    -Julie S.

  30. -War is never justified. It is a weak way for nations to resolve disputes, because it allows nations to use weapons of killing rather than weapons of there own mind. Unfortunately, it is only human nature to settle conflicts with war, but if nations worked together harder for solutions to their problems the world would be a much smarter, peaceful place.

    - War is never justified because it kills innocent soliders and citizens. Even after war, soliders fight there own battles of the affects of war; whether mental or physical. War is usually long term, tears apart families and detructs cities, nations and even countries. No country ever goes into war with a smile on their face, war is not a good thing.

    amanda baker 1 :D

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  39. i think war should't be justified because it includes death and the country that lost may haver a harm such as sicknesses. so war shouldn't be justified

  40. I feel that war is not about victory or defeat. It is about the total failure of a human spirit. Wars can't be justified, people can fight over religion, power, land, oil or freedom but really most people want more than they need and are greedy. People die every day just to fight for their country and live a normal life. Why can't people be treated equally? And if they were, maybe a war wouldn't even be needed in the first place!
    Put yourselves into the position where you have to fight to survive, live in unpleasant surroundings from day to day, men women and children dying day in and day out. Your family and possibly even you could end up dead because of war, on both sides! Can that ever be justified? Killing is wrong under any circumstances therefore nothing justifies war which inevitably involves killing. War is unethical and by no means fair and nothing can justify it. Nations can just settle down their differences without war and loss of important lives. War portrays lack of respect for human sanctity.
    In the end War will lead to the end of the world .Weapons are getting stronger with the ability to kill a million people in a second. The amounts of deaths are shocking; I have some figures on Iraq.
    SourceIraqi casualtiesMarch 2003 to...
    Iraq Family Health Survey151,000 deathsJune 2006
    * Lancet survey
    601,027 deaths out of 654,965 excess deathsJune 2006
    * Opinion Research Business survey
    1,033,000 deaths as a result of the conflictAugust 2007
    * Associated Press110,600 deathsApril 2009
    * Iraq Body Count project
    98,170 -107,152 civilian deaths as a result October 2010

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  42. You guys are all so naive. "War isn't justified" is the most callow claim. We need war. The Civil War stopped slavery. 625,000 soldiers died but there could be 625,000,000 slaves today if not for that war. World War II stopped Adolf Hitler from continuing to kill millions because of their appearance. You all say "innocent people get harmed," "people are hurt," well tell me this, what would we do without war? How could we live without change and without sacrifices for development. Some of you say it's justified if you are protecting yourself. This is true but it's not the only case of when war is justified. Conclusively, war is a necessity to society because it brings change and keeps us from falling apart. War is always justified, war is needed.