Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grade 10: October 16 - November 3

*Please note that I will be adding additional classwork & homework assignments.

October 16:
Share “Boys & Girls” Responses and “Hair Vignettes
Figurative Language Notes
Read & Discuss 12-27
Pages 29-38 & Response
Study Vocabulary

October 17:

Share Responses
Conferences w/ Mrs. Baker & Mrs. Dunn (“Moustache” Quiz & Dress Code Essay)
39-52 & Response
Study Vocabulary

October 18:
Share Responses
Vocabulary Quiz
53-64 & Response

October 19:
Author's Style Group Assignment Laptops & Smartboard
Pages 65 – 73 & Response

October 20: (Shortened Classes)
Groups to finish assignment from yesterday
Figurative Language Quiz
Period 8- Vocab Quiz
Pages 74-83 & Response

October 23:

REVISED PAPERS - "Moustache" & Dresscode are DUE BY TUESDAY, TOMORROW!
Groups to present information to the class about Cisnero's Style
Pages 74-91 & Complete ONE Response (From either section)
Compose a vignette about your own life modeled after Sandra Cisneros's Style due Thursday

October 24:
Share Responses/Vignettes
Class discussion (two groups) up to 91
Pages 92-102 & Response
Vignette due Thursday

October 25:
Complete Study Guide Questions
Study Guide
Pages 103-110 & Response
Vignette due tomorrow

October 26:
Return Quizzes
Discussion of "Red Clowns"
Class divided into two groups to review the study guide
Review novel & study guide for tomorrow's assessment

October 27:
Mango Street Test

October 30:
1. 15 Minutes to finish Mango Test
2. Review Assignment Sheet
3. Brainstorming: “What are the stories
of your life?”
Complete brainstorming sheet
List the topic/theme of each of the four vignettes you plan to write. What will be the “tie that binds”?

October 31:
Computer Lab
Personal Vignette Assignment
Research “El Dia de los Muertos”- One page, typed
Bring in something for the celebration

November 1:
“El Dia de los Muertos” Mexican Celebration
BHS Writing Rubric- Put into your own words

November 2&3:
Computer Lab
Personal Vignettes due Monday 11/6

November 6:
View student vignette samples
Label rhetorical questions, similes, metaphors, personification, repetition, alliteration, etc...
State Theme
Option of revising
Final Draft/ Sharing of Vignettes Wednesday & Thursday

November 7: No School for Students

November 8 & 9:
Vignette Reading/ Sharing

November 10: No School

We will begin Black Boy next week!

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