Sunday, December 02, 2012

Poem(s) of the Week

This weeks poems are Ballads. A ballad is a lively storytelling form of poetry. The most basic ballad stanza consists of alternating 4-beat and 3-beat lines, with the second line rhyming with the fourth. In Scarlet Town, where I was born, There was a fair maid dwellin' Made every lad cry wellaway, And her name was Barbara Allen. The traditional ballad stanza has four lines, alternating between four iambic beats (da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM), and three beats (da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM) per line. The second and fourth lines rhyme. (In older English, "Allen" was pronounced "Ellen," so the second and fourth lines of the first example would have rhymed for the original singers. Many poets utilize variations of this format. The Fall Play (this Thursday, Friday and Saturday) makes use of several ballads: The actors will be are singing "Barbara Allen," "Omie Wise," and "Smoky Mountain Gal," as well as several old favorite hymns from the American tradition. "Barbara Allen": "Omie Wise": Think of current events to write historical ballads or consider real-life drama to write a "tabloid ballad."Please post your poem by Friday.


  1. 1. It was the night of Hallow’s Eve
    2. When Jimmy Boy took towards the scenery
    3. He was a prick And played a trick
    4. on his neighbor, old Saint Nick

    5. He didn’t know
    6. Old Saint Nick had a gun
    7. And loved to have some fun
    8. Now poor Jimmy had to run

    9. Oh poor Jimmy Boy
    10. You better run
    11. Run far away
    12. Away to a secret place

    13. You must escape his evil wrath
    14. You must change your proceeding path
    15. Run into the woods
    16. And be very good

    17. He’s not deaf
    18. He still has 7 bullets left
    19. Run to the tree
    20. In exactly 3

    21. Hide till he passes
    22. And forget the gasses
    23. He has the nose of a dog
    24. And can see through fog

    25. Oh poor Jimmy Boy
    26. You better run
    27. Run far away
    28. Away to a secret place

    29. Towards the end of the night
    30. Poor old jimmy boy put up a fight
    31. He came at Nick with all his might
    32. Too bad he came up a little light

    33. Jimmy was never seen again
    34. Not even by his friends
    35. Morale of the story is
    36. Don’t play tricks on old Saint Nick

    Conor Smith Period 2

  2. There was a girl
    Young and sweet
    Her life a show
    One great big feat

    Her hair shone gold;
    Her smile bright,
    Her eyes did gleam
    Her dress-white

    Under Cameras
    Her true foe
    Craving silence
    Marilyn Monroe

    Beauty skin deep
    Faking smiles
    Lonely inside
    Losing miles

    Finding solace
    In her sleep
    She lost herself
    Her heart weeps

    Sunglasses on
    Teary eyed
    The ocean waves
    No more tides

    We mourn a loss
    A true star
    Creating love
    Fruitless bar

    No more pills
    No more hate
    No more sadness
    Desperate fate

  3. Big news in the palace,
    There is a baby,
    Whether a boy or girl,
    It is a maybe.

    Little Royal on the way,
    Princess is ready,
    Though due date unknown,
    Prince is steady.

    The Princess fell ill,
    Is in the infirmary,
    Just morning sickness she swears,
    Soon in the nursery.

    The Queen is delighted,
    Monarchy continues,
    Kate’s family is elated,
    There’s no issues.

    Just like Diana,
    Press is raving,
    The world is watching,
    They are craving.

    Everyone’s been waiting,
    For this day,
    Little Royal will be born,
    Perhaps in May.

    The beautiful Princess,
    Will soon be glowing,
    Beautiful baby on the way,
    Happiness is flowing.

    Congrats to Prince Will,
    Soon to be daddy,
    Congrats to Princess Kate,
    Soon to be mommy.

    Rachel I Per. 1

  4. The parent trap was her start
    It gave her so much fame
    She played twins and was so cute
    Both girls looked the same

    She had red hair but now it’s not
    I liked it better red
    But now she dyes it everyday
    So I bet her hair is dead

    Lindsey started hanging with people
    Like Paris Hilton
    They did a lot of bad things
    And were like a pair of mittens

    They went out every night and drank
    It soon became a habit
    She finally got arrested and
    Could not feed her rabbit

    It soon became a rabbit
    And she’d always be in court
    They’d say she was guilty and
    Then she got a wart

    She started doing many drugs
    And soon was sent away
    She had to leave for rehab
    And her family had to pay

    She started getting Botox
    Then more surgeries
    Now she’s not as pretty
    Or as perfect as me

    Oh Lindsey you were perfect
    What has happened now?
    You should stop this crazy life
    And finally take a bow

    -MaxineH P2

  5. There was a girl who was famous
    That cried many tears
    She sang her songs and acted wrong
    Her name was Britney spears

    She became famous so young and naive
    Not many thought she’d make it
    But she was loved by all her fans
    Even when shed forsake it

    Her songs became instant hits
    Loved even by the men
    Topped all the charts and the billboards
    Oops… she did it again

    Her fame keeps rising more and more
    Followers on twitter
    More and more goes to her head
    Shell end up very bitter

    She thinks all publicity is good
    Even when it’s bad
    To keep track of her fame
    She bought an iPad

    Britney finds love with her background dancer
    He went by the name K-Fed
    No wonder why their marriage didn't last
    She wishes he’d drop dead

    So young and talented she became a snob
    And got in a lot of trouble
    She made bad choices that ruined her
    Her head was left with stubble

    O’ wonderful Britney you've created YouTube stars!
    But don’t mistake my tone
    In the famous words of Chris Crocker
    Leave Britney alone!

    Jocelyn Giordano Period 5

  6. Oprah

    From Mississippi on a farm
    To changing paths of life
    She ended up proud and strong
    To ending all her strife

    Good morning lovely Baltimore
    Oprah is here today
    As a morning newscaster
    And that’s how she found her way

    Out of a chance of luck and fate
    She earned her greatest dream
    Her very own daytime show
    A chance to be extreme

    By earning her way to instant fame
    She was talked about by all
    Award nominations she did get
    Allowing her to stand tall

    Not only did she host a show
    She surprised a nation
    And acted in a hit movie
    She never took vacation

    Since her viewers loved her
    She knew what was best
    To form a famous magazine
    This put her to the test

    Each and every holiday season
    She acts as Santa Clause
    And reveals her favorite things
    Creating the shopping cause

    This is why she is my idol
    I’m sad the show is done
    Now I sit and think about
    How Oprah is number one

    -Cassie F-C, Period 5

  7. James Bond
    By Eden Wooster

    I’m in love with James Bond
    A certified lady killer
    He must have a magic wand
    That makes all the ladies do thriller

    Ya remember his women
    Ursula as Honey
    Hey can’t forget Halle
    Eva as Vesper, hello sexy

    Do you know what he has?
    A license to kill
    Putting bullets in their heads
    He’s got license to thrill

    That eyebrow that you raise
    Before you make your move
    Makes the enemy shiver
    Then from earth they are removed

    He’s blowing the bad guys away
    While getting all the beauties
    I’ll be that girl one day
    I will help you with your duties

    I see you at the bar
    Shaken not Stirred
    Martini in hand
    Drink too many your words become slurred

    Ya remember all the Bonds
    Roger Sean and Timmy
    George Pierce and Daniel
    Daniel you are just so yummy

    Daniel Craig is my fave
    He’s got the bod of a God
    He’s got eyes that make you melt
    Daniel you are MY Bond

  8. Amy B Period 1

    The Hobbit Ballad:

    In the Shire there lived a hobbit
    A hobbit brave and true;
    Thirteen dwarves were summoned there
    To share in an adventure.

    Thirteen dwarves entered together,
    With walking sticks and colored hoods.
    The month of May the journey began,
    To the Misty Mountains tall.

    Wizard, hobbit, and thirteen dwarves
    Along on an adventure.
    Songs they sang along the way
    To reclaim their lost treasure.

    To Rivendell they traveled first,
    Elrond’s help they gain.
    Secrets revealed from the map,
    A shrouded backdoor remains.

    Trolls around a fire
    Bilbo the burglar spies,
    A coinpurse he swipes
    But he they seize!
    Trolls begin to argue.
    Dwarves enter the clearing.
    They get tied up with sacks on heads,
    Gandalf tricks the trolls.

    Trolls argue once more,
    Morning light has come on time
    And turns them all to stone – huzzah!
    The party finds swords to carry.

    They decide to travel through Mirkwood,
    Get captured by the elves;
    In barrels they hide and escape,
    To Laketown they go.

    Hobbit and dwarves make their way
    Up to the Secret Door.
    They defeat the dragon Smaug,
    Something never done before.

    So here our brave hobbit and dwarves
    Reclaimed their lost treasure.
    Stories brought back to tell Frodo,
    There and Back Again.

  9. He leaves to go to work on this
    day where the skies are clear.
    It’s just a normal day,
    where he has no sense of fear.

    He arrives at the Twin Towers
    which are in New York City.
    Although he’s just a normal guy,
    you will soon show him pity.

    He drinks a cup of coffee to
    start off his long day.
    Little does he know that the day
    will soon end in dismay.

    There is a loud noise far away.
    A plane heads toward the towers.
    What can he do before the
    towers are devoured?

    Sirens and smoke fill the air and
    panic starts to arise.
    The citizens are shocked and
    tears start to fill their eyes.

    At home his wife turns on the TV
    to see what is going on.
    She hears about the attack
    and hopes he is not gone.

    The Twin Towers were attacked and
    all she could do was wait,
    for a call that would explain to
    her, her husband’s fate.

    Weeks later she got a call and
    it gave her the bad news.
    Her husband had sadly died,
    and her heart was left with a bruise.

    David E P5

  10. Amy Jones

    She began as a gymnast
    But became much more than that
    Who knew in twenty years,
    That she would be all that?

    Starting out at age seven
    She worked towards level ten
    Her determination and positivity
    Brought her success time and time again

    From there she went to college
    ECSU was her choice
    She joined the team of dance
    Where she displayed her poise

    Amy became a cheer coach
    ECE welcomed her with open arms
    She inspired the lives of ones she coached
    And would protect them all from harm

    Then came the vast hindrance,
    The diagnosis of rectal cancer
    This strong spirited woman
    Would no longer have the answers
    She decided to raise some money
    But not just for herself
    Her dream was to get cured
    And then help everybody else

    Coach AJ was a fighter
    Always inspiring others to be the same
    She fought until the end
    But sadly did not win the game

    Her loss is quite a tragedy
    She had so much left to give
    She will never be forgotten
    Let “I Love You and Mean It” live

    Katlyn Gallo Period 2

  11. She was a girl with a lot of fame
    This fame has now turned into shame
    This girl is none other than
    Our very own Lindsay Lohan

    Used to portray her brilliant skills
    Now all she cares about is pills
    Only worried about how not to lose
    Her precious stock of booze

    The grl who used to be in fairy tales
    Has found comfort behind the bars of jails
    Once was caught in her Parent’s Trap
    Now she’s the one who needs a big slap

    She liked to sing and she liked to act
    Now she can’t get her hands off of crack
    Used to ride in fancy cars
    Now, people look for her in bars

    She had a face that was very pretty
    But now it’s gone, such a pity
    The drugs have taken over her
    And now there is no cure

    She had such talent, such grace
    And now wrinkles cover her face
    All this talent has gone to waste
    Thrown away in such a haste

    She has gone from riches to rags
    Now its her job to deal with the nags
    The police don’t want her free
    She hasn’t been causing much glee

    She is drowned in her own misery
    She didn't realize all that she could be
    Oh Lindsay look what you have done
    Your life has become a tragic song

    Ayeshra A. Period 1

  12. We heard the news on Easter Day
    Amy’s little Zack would be on the way
    Although she lost the one before
    We knew that he would not be a bore

    We hoped and prayed they would both be okay
    They even bought a crib for where he would lay
    We wrapped many presents for him to play with
    Please Zack, we want you to be okay

    The parents were patient about the birth
    Our whole large family anticipated the day
    They knew the stress would be worth it
    Now Zack is almost on his way

    On the afternoon of November 26th
    He was born onto this lovely Earth
    His little heart needed to be fixed
    They knew that he was worth it

    Doctors rushed everywhere
    All my family could do was stare
    They didn’t know his chances of survival
    But we hoped and prayed that he would be okay

    On the eve of surgery day
    The Planet Jupiter was next to our moon
    I could see it from my room
    It was a sign that it would be okay

    The operating room was filled with Zack’s presence
    We awaited for the news that he would be fine
    They needed to fix his harmed heart
    So our hearts could be fixed, as well

    The doctors mended that heart of his
    His eyes opened wide with pride
    Zack was part of our family now
    We knew he would not be a bore

    Lizzy B. Period 1

  13. There was a peasant girl
    Her name was Katniss Everdeen
    She had a terrible fate
    That no one had ever foreseen

    She volunteered in place
    Of her dear sister Prim
    Who screamed and shouted in terror
    For she knew her sister's grim

    With Peeta hand in hand
    She dazzled the Capitol's desire
    The one true tribute
    Katniss, the girl on fire

    Once the arena was shown
    It was made of pine
    Katniss the ruler of the woods
    Knew she would do fine

    After facing Tracker Jackers
    And the death of ally Rue
    Katniss sought out poor Peeta
    For the facade of love so true

    With help from the sponsors
    She would help save Peeta's leg
    For Katniss to not sacrifice
    Peeta did plead and beg

    Then it was down to three
    Katniss Peeta and Cato, a fearful crew,
    With a pity shot to the neck
    The game was down to two

    Just a handful of berries
    Can bring down the empire
    Only one can be the savor
    And its the girl on fire.

    Christina Smith p2


  14. Taylor Swift

    There is a heartbroken child
    Who always stands so tall
    She claims to be fearless
    But she isn’t at all

    Taylor Swift has many hit singles
    Due to dating around
    So in her songs of love
    Sad lyrics can be found

    As if six Grammy’s weren’t enough
    She sells albums by the millions
    Her fans are obsessed
    And she makes money by the billions

    Don’t make her mad
    Or you’ll be sure to grieve
    Out come the breakup songs
    That make you want to heave

    From Pennsylvania she came
    Her lucky number thirteen
    What a driven young girl
    To accomplish so much as a teen

    So many years since her first single
    My how things have changed
    She warned me about this
    But it’s still very strange

    She says nothing is ever easy
    There’s never a clean break
    But love is worth it
    Even if it does leave an ache

    And live life fearless
    Being fearless isn’t being unafraid
    But having lots of doubts
    Eventually the doubts will fade

    Brittany Sullivan Per. 5

  15. She is a beauty through and through,
    An idol of so many.
    Her empire grows on and on,
    even though she has more than plenty.

    Some may say she's unimportant,
    Others will say she's fake.
    But I advise you all to cut it out,
    at least for Kim Kardashian's sake.

    She started off as a personal assistant,
    all with her fathers help.
    Each boss of hers more famous than the next,
    But she didn't even let out a yelp.

    Time went on and time went by,
    Kim becoming more well-known.
    Her name also contributing strongly,
    to her sitting on her throne.

    Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired,
    and it was quite a hit.
    Considering they have produced seven seasons,
    Kim really has "made it."

    A reputation like hers to withhold must be a struggle,
    But Kim's success grows more everyday.
    Everyone in the world knowing who she is,
    but I suppose that's the price you pay.

    Tabloids talk about Kim's marriage,
    which was an epic fail.
    Only seventy-two days spent with Kris Humphries,
    and all Kim could do was bail.

    Everyone messes up in life,
    even Kim Kardashian,
    with her beauty, power, and success,
    Perfection just isn't an option.

    Francesca L.
    Period 1

  16. It’s cold and dark and the skies are grey.
    Your day is in my hands.
    I may be young I may be small
    But I control your plans.

    I start to fall I’m coming down.
    You may think we’re small and weak.
    But we fall and crash and ruin things
    Even though we’re all unique

    You’re not concerned you do not care
    Even though we start to stick.
    Only an inch is on the ground right now
    And you move me with a flick.

    I do not care I am not phased
    My mind is just like yours.
    That one inch turns to two who cares?
    Now three oh god there’s four.

    You’re driving home you’re going slow
    You got to get your kids.
    I’m falling faster, they get excited.
    You’re trying not to skid.

    You make it home you sit right down.
    You see me on the news.
    No work no school all week, I’m good!
    You know I won you loose.

    It’s 8 am very cold and white.
    You wake up from your sleep.
    To see that I’ve stopped falling.
    But I am three feet deep.

    We’ve worked together for a cause.
    To make you shovel and ache.
    So next time that I come along.
    Respect the small snowflake.

    Morgan Lazowy p.2

  17. Scott Disick

    Hailing from Long Island,
    The city boy became a Lord,
    Socialite status brought him fame,
    And a presence you can't ignore.

    He has a spot with the Jenner's,
    A family to call his own,
    Part of the Kardashian's,
    With a place on the throne.

    Ralph Lauren and Armani,
    He has a taste for luxury,
    He opened up a restaurant,
    With only expensive cutlery.

    His love belongs to Kourtney,
    And his little girl Penelope,
    But don't forget Mason,
    All a part of the legacy.

    Anger is his downfall,
    He finds it hard to control,
    Blame it on the passion,
    He doesn't need to be consoled.

    Home is where the heart is,
    But he travels from coast to coast,
    Extensive vacations,
    Don't be surprised if he boasts.

    Turned into a reality star,
    His life is now a game,
    He tends to enjoy it,
    He loves who he became.

    All hail Lord Disick,
    He's kind of a big deal,
    Not a fan of peasantry,
    It shines in his Ferrari wheel.

    - Sarah C. Period 5

  18. twilight
    Her name was bella
    She fell for a fella
    It wasn’t meant to be
    But they made it through and I can safely say
    They did get married

    She was human
    And full of life
    Her hair was a chestnut brown
    She was quite the gal’ as you can tell
    And he did love her Indeed

    He was what you call undead
    His skin was cold and hard
    He almost killed poor Bella
    But he did learn self control

    They were on the run
    For their love was doomed
    The Volturi gave them a choice
    Either turn Bella into a beast or we will kill her soon

    Well he put it off
    For as long as he could
    He didn’t want to end her life
    He waited and then decided to make young bella his wife

    She was carryin’ his child
    Her pregnancy was wild
    And she almost lost her life
    It was a long 3 months but it ended with a new life

    Well when she was dying
    He had no choice
    Death was very nigh
    He had to do something fast

    He bit her then
    She fell asleep for 4 long painful days
    Her body felt like it was on fire
    She was going through a dreadful change

    Well she rose again on the very last day
    She was now a beast herself
    Her and her lover made it through
    And they had a happy life

    Fatoumata Sylla- P.2

  19. Derek Jeter

    Just a young lad in school with a dream
    Nothing more than that
    He played baseball just for fun
    Him and his baseball bat

    He got good grades and worked real hard
    A thing that others dont
    He loved baseball oh so much
    And he accomplished what others wont

    Born and raised in Jersey
    His parents were very sweet
    While still young he was unaware
    Of his bright future’s treat

    As a teenager he still played ball
    Was still grinding with his gear
    His first big break came in school
    As high school player of the year

    This was just the beginning of it all
    His career didnt even start
    Still as a teen he always remembered
    He was just a boy with a baseball heart

    Soon after school his big life began
    His skills were fully crafted
    He didn’t think too much of life
    Until he finally got drafted

    Life for him changed dramatically
    He’s known for wearing a Yankee hat
    But when it comes down to it all
    Hes just a boy with a baseball bat

    Now that hes an icon
    And a captain of his team
    He advises to young baseball players
    Never give up on your dream

    Cory Williams Period 1

  20. With her radiant red hair
    And bright blue eyes
    She is one unforgettable actress and model
    Who was definitely on the rise.

    When she first hit the stage
    Fame hit at an early age
    Parent trap and mean girls
    Had her made.

    Born in New York City
    Known far and wide
    She is one girl,
    who will Not hide.

    Her name is Lindsey Dee Lohan,
    She started out strong
    Playing in many different roles
    And many thought she could never go wrong.

    In the midst of her career
    Things took a turn,
    Drugs and alcohol were a component
    And many think she still has not learned.

    Sad but true,
    Lohan has seen many rehab centers as her home
    Totaling five since January 2007
    She must still feel very alone.

    On any human being,
    Jail and rehab will take a mighty toll
    Mistakes are only human
    Lindsey Lohan, does have a soul.

    Some one must help this accomplished girl
    The cry out for help is loud and clear,
    Drugs and alcohol do not comply
    Lindsey Lohan, she is so dear.

    -Isabella S
    Period 2

  21. It's a wonderful time of the year,
    Everybody's ready,
    For Santa to come down your chimney,
    With a big teddy.

    Snow falling from the sky,
    Streets covered in white,
    And everyone is out looking at the beautiful sight.

    Lights shinning bright as stars,
    Nothing can compare,
    To those street lit up,
    Leaving everyone to stare.

    Christmas trees going up,
    Lights hanging down,
    Everybody's anticipating,
    Without a single frown.

    Students waiting for school to end,
    Christmas break is near,
    Everyone is ready now,
    To spread Christmas cheer.

    Finally counting down the days,
    Christmas is near,
    Excitement running through everyone,
    The best time of year.

    Christmas Eve is finally here,
    Now it is time,
    To wait for the arrival,
    Of Santa's sweet cheer.

    It is now Christmas morning,
    All set and ready,
    To get the best of the gifts,
    And open them already.

    Jessica Beler Period 1

  22. Leonardo DiCaprio

    He has starred in many movies
    And is a great actor
    He has become very successful
    But that is just one factor

    He has bright blue eyes
    And a great smile
    He could be acting in a violent scene
    And look great all the while

    He starred in Titanic
    A tale that’s full of woe
    Where he fell in love with Rose
    And told her “I won’t let go”

    He’s been around a while
    But time hasn’t aged him
    He still has that smile
    That can brighten a room when dim

    He acted in the movie Inception
    A tale about dreams
    You could see into his perception
    So much that it made you scream

    In Titanic nothing could come between them
    Except for when they heard a loud boom
    For the ship had hit a huge iceberg
    And its fate was surely doomed

    And when the ship had completely sunk
    He let Rose lay on the door
    He had given up his life for her
    And “I won’t let go” is what she swore

    He is one of the best actors that ever lived
    And he’s perfect as a necklace that’s pearled
    And that won’t change any time soon
    Because he’s “The King of the World”

    Haley K. Period 5

  23. World Cup 2010

    The World Cup was in South Africa
    People came to watch
    Teams were ready to win it all
    But most weren’t top notch

    Teams played with tough competition
    Some went down early
    Including Switzerland and Honduras
    Not to mention Italy

    Fans made noise with Vuvuzelas
    They made awful noise
    Others thought they were a load of fun
    I think they are toys

    Next came the round of 16
    Many teams met their match
    Not all teams could survive
    The losers couldn’t rematch

    The United States made a valiant effort
    But Ghana was too much
    Landon Donovan was their MVP
    He was so clutch

    Next came the quarterfinals of the World Cup
    Only the best would move on
    Argentina and Brazil were among those that went down
    This wasn’t what they had set upon

    Only four teams were left to fight
    Some teams made their final thrust
    Spain and the Dutch were able to advance
    The other teams ate their dust

    Last but not least was the final game
    Spain won 1-0
    They were 2010 World Cup champs
    With Iniesta as their hero

    Justin W. Period 5

  24. The Mysterious Ballad

    There once was a seascape
    with some big balloons
    Those balloons were used to escape
    The confederate army

    When they splashed down adrift at sea
    It seemed like hope was lost
    But wait what is that they see
    Some land off in the fog

    Who was there on that balloon at sea
    An engineer, an ex-slave, and a dog
    There also was how many would see to be
    A sailor, his protégé, and a journalist

    All of them were stuck on there
    With no way to leave
    A deserted island somewhere
    In the great big south sea

    A shelter was made that was too cheap
    And some weapons too
    But all of these broke within a week
    So they explored more of the land

    They made a new cave home
    And grew some corn too
    Even a coral for the sheep to roam
    With a telegraph connecting the two

    Many dangers lurked around
    Whether pirates, leopards, or storms
    The greatest brought them to the ground
    When the big volcano grew

    A ship, A ship, A ship they saw and heard
    One that they could command
    They sat on what was left of their land
    And waited for it to come to them

    -Quinn Bohan Period 2

  25. Chris Brown and Rihanna

    Chris Brown and Roybn Fenty
    Made a lovely couple
    They'd talk things out and compromise
    But soon coming was trouble

    They were in a car not going far
    And had a disagreement
    Chris raised his voice, all by choice
    Rihanna was getting beaten

    He hit her once, he hit her twice
    She had to get away
    She called the cops, which made him mad
    Until this very day

    The order she restrained on him
    Did not keep him too far
    They were seen together be paparazzi
    sitting in his car

    They told the press they were just friends
    And that there was a lie
    The paparazzi follwed them
    And proved to be good spies

    The pictures on Insta and Tweets galore
    Got eveybody thinkin'
    "Are they back together?" "I sure hope not."
    "What is Rihanna drinkin'?!"

    Nothings for sure they seem back together
    But they haven't come out and said it
    And everyone thinks it and theres pictures to prove it
    But Rihanna does not regret it

    They seem happy for all to see
    And are way more than friends
    He shouldn't hit her for that would be bitter
    This story is at and end

    Anna Atkinson
    Period 1

  26. Delicious

    We all enjoy tasty food,
    It’s about juicy taste.
    Makes us happy, fixes our mood,
    Nothing should go to waste.

    Range of colors should be wide,
    Fruit promote good health.
    Fresh are better, than frozen or dried,
    It’s the most important wealth.

    Fast food is super quick,
    How about that sugary juice.
    So many choices, what should I pick,
    What a typical excuse!

    Breakfast is in the morning,
    Most important meal of the day.
    Helps us get a good start,
    Provides energy for play.

    A social meal we all call lunch,
    Sometimes involves some work.
    Eat on the go, during a talk,
    Like a meeting with a perk.

    Dinner is at the end,
    Very late at night.
    All the calories that are gained,
    Helps us become bright!

    Desert comes after the meal,
    Delicious truffle cake.
    All the sweets and pastries,
    Cure emotional ache.

    Now take a moment to think,
    That food is nutritious.
    Now is it really that important?
    Of course, it’s delicious!

    Ali Pourmaleki
    Period 1

  27. Army Ranger

    Sittin’ around with nowhere to go
    Talking ‘bout what ta do
    Then the recruiter came to me
    What you wanna be?

    I told mean, and lean, and green
    Fight to keep us free
    That is what I wanna be
    Airborne infantry.

    Sittin’ around with nowhere to go
    Talking ‘bout what ta do
    Then the recruiter came to me
    What you wanna be?

    He put me in a silver jet
    That I won’t forget
    It is what I wanna be
    Now I’m a cadet.

    Sittin’ around with nowhere to go
    Talking ‘bout what ta do
    Then the recruiter came to me
    What you wanna be?

    He sat me in the barber’s chair
    Snip-a-snap no hair
    That is what I wanna be
    Bald so it has a glare.

    Sittin’ around with nowhere to go
    Talking ‘bout what ta do
    Then the recruiter came to me
    What you wanna be?

    A man in the leaning grass
    Tell ‘er I did my best
    Pin my metals upon my chest
    Lay me down I wanna rest.

    Jesse C.
    Per. 1

  28. Will and Kate

    Young Kate was just another girl
    working hard for pay
    It was never in her plan
    she'd be royal one day

    She met sweet Will while they did learn
    at St. Anthony
    They had their fights and arguments
    but it was meant to be

    Her life was changed and it was hard
    The pictures and the lies
    There was always talk that wasn't true
    She stays calm and just denies

    But don't you worry, its okay
    the two were still in love
    It took a lot of work and pain
    but they always rise above

    He decided then he loved her dearly
    so he took a stand
    He made the choice right then and there
    that he would take her hand

    The whole world watched the true love's kiss
    on the day that they wed
    The crowds cheered but Kate did know
    the days would be rough ahead

    Her fashion was loved she became famous fast
    for her beauty and her brain
    Her success was great and bountiful
    it was such a mighty gain

    There would always be problems with Will and Kate
    but she said that she would stay
    Now it's time to live their lives
    with a baby on the way!

    Morgan Reed
    Period 1







    Cassidy Murphy P2

  30. Amy Whinehouse

    There was a girl
    Who had big hair
    Her smile so bright
    It would never tear

    She made good music
    Had hit songs
    Number one on the billboards
    Couldn't go wrong

    As her carrier started skyrocketing
    She stared to decline
    She got into Alcohol
    And she didn't know where to draw the line

    Her name was Amy Winehouse
    She sang that catchy tune
    "I don't wanna go to rehab"
    But i guess she spoke to soon

    She got arrested once
    For getting in a fight
    The cops tried to hold her
    But she fought back with all her might

    Her face on every magazine cover
    Caught on camera with every move
    Some fans didn't like the photos
    And they started to disapprove

    Her music started fading
    Almost without a doubt
    Just when Amy thought
    She had it all figured out

    Her carrier shattered to pieces
    Her family completely torn
    The alcohol killed her
    Now all is left to mourn

    Emma Nwagboli P.5

    1. Revised version:

      Amy Whinehouse

      There was a girl
      Who had big hair
      Her smile so bright
      It would never tear

      She made good music
      Had hit songs
      Number one on the billboards
      Nothing could go wrong

      As her career started skyrocketing
      She stared to decline
      She got into Alcohol
      And she didn't know where to draw the line

      Her name was Amy Winehouse
      She sang that catchy tune
      "I don't wanna go to rehab"
      But I guess she spoke to soon

      She got arrested once
      For getting in a fight
      The cops tried to hold her
      But she fought back with all her might

      Her face on every magazine cover
      Caught on camera with every move
      Some fans didn't like the photos
      And they started to disapprove

      Her music started fading
      Almost without a doubt
      Just when Amy thought
      She had it all figured out

      Her career shattered to pieces
      Her family completely torn
      The alcohol killed her
      Now all we can do is mourn

      Emma Nwagboli P.5

  31. Pinocchio
    There once was a man in Italy
    His name was Geppetto
    He carved a puppet made of wood
    And named him Pinocchio

    During the night the Blue Fairy came
    And grants the man his wish
    Pinocchio then was turned alive
    And now he was boyish

    The Blue Fairy said to him,
    “To become a real boy,
    You must be brave, true, and unselfish
    Then you’ll no longer be a toy.”

    Then he needed a conscience
    To tell him right from wrong
    He didn’t know what to do
    Then Jiminy Cricket came along

    Soon they learned of Pinocchio
    That every time he lies
    He will not gain any respect
    And his nose will grow in size
    This is where his adventures start
    He’s tricked into a show
    He’s tricked by cons that he was sick
    And to Pleasure Island he must go

    This island had an evil curse
    After one day there
    You’ll be changed to a donkey
    And sold by the Coachman

    Jiminy Cricket helped him escape
    And searched for Gepetto
    They found he went to look for him
    And was swallowed by Monstro

    Pinocchio then saved his dad
    By giving up his life
    The Blue Fairy saw how he was true
    And that was the end of his strife

    His story is a lesson for all
    Saying please do not lie
    When you don’t know what to do
    Let your conscience be your guide
    Carlye M. Period 5

  32. Dolphins
    By Evan Buckman

    They left their families behind
    heading out on a mission
    They had a man to find
    And he wasn’t a Russian

    He was number one most wanted
    for his terrorist crimes
    They had to bring him to justice
    To avenge the lost lifetimes

    He was the worst of the worst
    He had attacked our home soil
    Killing thousands of loved ones
    And inciting turmoil

    We sent soldiers to stop him
    they were the best of the best
    They came from high and low
    Those worthy of the quest

    We kept on searching and searching
    But he remained hidden for years
    We wanted vendetta
    For all our hard tears
    They got the critical info
    And figured out a plan
    They fired up the black hawks
    and sent them to Pakistan

    They finally found him in his hideout
    Enjoying porn, weed, and Cheetos
    They shot him square in the head
    like true American heroes

    The masses were in celebration
    of this old geezer’s death
    Now he’s decaying with the dolphins
    In the great oceanic depths

  33. Us
    By Steve Zocher period 5
    The world we know is full of dough
    Empty minds left in the snow
    Hefty weights lie high above
    Something keeps us from what we love

    A void, a gap, a pit, a hole
    Something lurking, it be a mole
    Molded maybe crafted no
    There is no face none that we show

    These faces marked as A or B
    Show root of growth, faux harmony
    Joyous, Helpful, Thankful, Gracious
    Words for us the fine capricious

    To get up to see the horizon that be
    To disconnect our cable
    Twould’ be nothing more than mere fantasy
    A myth, a pun, of not we’re able

    For he that gaze on those who fall
    Finds his world amidst it all
    Grasps the short as well as tall
    Eats at life and has a ball

    We name them strange amongst us all
    We Shout and jeer maintaining fear
    But they see life as just a call
    They sing in drag they shed no tears

    We see hopes we often miss
    They see worlds we wish to kiss
    High above, what we call sky
    They look in wonder and question Why?

    Yet the answer lie simple
    Limits, Goals, Labels, Fables
    All keep us cold
    Entrapped in stables

  34. Princess Diana

    A fairy tale seldom comes true
    Never true to a life
    A prince may not be as he seems,
    When he takes a wife

    She dreamed someday she'd find her prince
    So handsome, brave and crowned
    All England came to see her wed
    To Charles heir renowned

    Exsisting only in her dreams
    She didn't hear his lies
    She didn't see that something was off
    He didn't hear her cries

    The time had come she had enough
    divorce was very near
    The royal name was put to shame
    This was her greatest fear

    He was free yet she was not
    News caught the whole scandal
    She ran and hid, no where to go
    Just to much to handle

    She tried and tried all of the time
    To put it all behind
    Her life was not a simple rhyme
    It was a changing line

    As time passed on things got better
    She was distressed not longer
    But that soon changed
    No longer getting stronger

    The car lost control went off the road
    Everyone came to see
    Who she was before the scandal
    The woman she used to be

    Jackie W. Per. 2

  35. Ballad of Aeneas

    A man was born to the goddess of love
    And a man of Priam’s line
    He fought the Greeks for his cousin’s lust
    And was twice saved by the divine

    Aeneas fled as his city burned
    Fled with his family from the shore
    He sailed for a home in distant Rome
    But fate had other things in store.

    The future king of distant Rome
    Bound for glory and fame
    He moved the pen of a poet great
    And all would know his name

    The goddess-born he sailed to Crete
    Thinking the isle his home
    But there he finds a pestilence
    And returns to sea alone

    Next they land on Strofades shore
    Where food and rest they seek
    But harpies attack and curse their fate
    And their queen leaves Aeneas weak

    The future king of distant Rome
    Bound for glory and fame
    He moved the pen of a poet great
    And all would know his name

    They nearly reach Italy’s shore
    When Charybdis’ maw they find
    Tossed by this they land in Sicily
    And meet the Greek left behind.

    He bids them flee and they heed this words
    And continue on their way
    Aeneas’s father dies on land
    And Juno sends them astray

    The future king of distant Rome
    Bound for glory and fame
    He moved the pen of a poet great
    And all would know his name

    Neptune calmed the seas once more
    Saving the hero for Rome
    And delivered the men to Dido’s shore
    A land they might call home

    But the fates foretold another path
    For Rome Aeneas fled
    And Dido’s love was sourly spurned
    By her own hand she lay dead.

    The future king of distant Rome
    Bound for glory and fame
    He moved the pen of a poet great
    And all would know his name

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