Friday, September 09, 2011

Reflecting on September 11th- Period 5

Please find an article related to "Remebering 9/11."  Read the article.  Post a brief summary and your reaction/ opinion.  You may want to try adding NY Times, NPR, PBS, Newsweek or TIME after your query in Google or another search engine.


  1. This article was about the firfighters that lost their lives during 9/11. they were brave and only thought of saving as many lives as possible. Their determination was incredible, they left no one behind even if it meant risking their own lives further. now at ground zero, a decade later the mayor of New York is refusing to have a memorial for these 343 firefighters,37 port authority officers, 23 NYPD officers and 3 court officers that died that day. His reason for this,he says there is not enough room for all the victims families. That is not a good enough reason, they all gave their lives trying to save others and they need to be appreciated.

    laurel h.

  2. As people remember 9/11, we are all reminded of how years ago, fear struck most of the United States. People are still coping with losses, and some are making the best of the worst. With the 10th anniversary of the attack and bin Laden finally dead, many are feeling safer. It has been recognized that protective squads have been enforced and strengthened, and we still celebrate the ones who were on rescue teams back then. I personally realize that though we are feeling safer with a stronger union, we could be at our most vulnerable soon. If we never forget 9/11, it will make the country stronger every day. Remembering the saviors who risked their lives will also keep us on our guards, which we will never let down.

    Rachel H.

  3. "9/11 led Chicago tech guru to design crime predicting system" Chicago Sun Times

    Upon the unforeseen acts of terrorism on September 11th 2001 on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, a light bulb went off in computer guru Brett Goldstein's brain - to design a program where one could see predictions as to where crime is most likely to be committed. At the time, Goldstein was an executive with OpenTable, a restaurant reservation tech firm. He felt as though his skills could be put to use, and they were. The day after September 11th he had seen an ad searching for more white collar professionals in the law enforcement field - needless to say, he took the job. ""I remember the day I told him I have 50,000 call records from the Oak Park Police Department, and his eyes lit up," says Irakliotis, now a dean at Nova Southeastern University near Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "He had some great ideas. It was clear the man had a knack for this stuff."" He was smart and could use his masters degree in computer science to his advantage. In April of 2008, the station began to useit's predictive analytics system.
    In my opinion, I think this is a great advancement. It's a much needed tool in law enforcement and I could see it being used nonstop. It makes me feel safer and hopeful that this technology will soon spread for the safety of our country aswell.

    Summer H

  4. I read the personal account of Steven Jacobson who had been killed in the 9/11 attack. He was located on the 110th floor of the North Tower. He worked for WPIX-TV which was on the highest floor of the North Tower. Even though the plane had hit his tower they were still able to receive and make phone calls. A colleague of Steve’s made a call to him and was shocked that the lines were still open. He was able to survive a little longer because in 1993 there was a bombing and they installed those after the fact. Unfortunately Steve and thousands of more perished on that faithful day
    Dylan Carleton Period 5

  5. The article "Remembering 9/11," that I read revealed more information to me then I had known about. The article mentions how there were nineteen hijackers in total. To my knowledge I only figure there were maybe about twelve hijackers, three assigned to hijack each plane. This article also states how there was a man who received a telephone call from his son saying “I think they have taken over the cockpit, one of the pilots have been stabbed.” And then about ten minutes later the plane had crashed into the second tower. Finally the article said “They turned four transcontinental flights laden with jet fuel into guided missiles that killed 2,977. Among them were civilians from 38 states, the District of Columbia, and over 70 countries. The dead also included 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, and 55 U.S. military personnel.”
    Reading about this article devastated me. I cannot believe I have known about 9/11 for this long and still have not learned everything about it. I love the country we live in ad it upsets me that there is information roaming around out there that I have yet to know about. This assignment made me realize how much more I want to read about September 11th .

    James Carbone Period 5

  6. The article I read was about government security at airports increasing after 9/11. After this happened, airport security became even more thorough and strict than it was before. There are more officers, video security cameras, and information sharing between local and federal agencies. More attention is payed to eco-terrorism, anarchists, and drug trafficking. Baggage goes through sophisticated scanners to make sure they're safe. More people are getting searched and questioned at airports also.
    Brooke Dedushi

  7. The article that I read was, "We Still Don't Know the Whole Truth of 9/11" It stated that the people of the United States still doesn't really know the truth of what our governments initial response was to the terrorists attack. It said we were told wrong information,"DOD did not accurately report to the 9/11 Commission on the response to the September 11, 2001 hijackings."
    In my opinion I think we should know exactly what happened. We live in the country of where the tragedy happened and deserve to know all the truth, nothing should be hidden from us. What if it happens somewhere else in the United States? We should all know what the governments initial response is without being told false information.
    - Ashlie ; Period 5

  8. I read an article called “On 9/11, astronaut looked down on horrific scene.” The American astronaut, Frank Culbertson was finishing up a few jobs in space and then was radioed by NASA. The message was a terrible one. Later on, he snapped a picture with his camera when the International Space Station was above New York. Culbertson saw the smoke in Manhattan and wanted to be on Earth to help out in some way, but he couldn’t. Sadly, the astronaut’s friend who was the pilot for the plane that hit into the pentagon was killed. He was the only American in space on that day. He must have felt like he was trapped up there. Everyone the man knows and loves were miles and miles away and might have been in danger. He didn’t really have any way of knowing who was ok or not. If I was older and in space at the time, I would have been as devastated as Culbertson was. About 3,000 people died on 9/11 because a group hated America’s guts. It was a sad day, but now we are rebuilding with hope and love; hope that the future carries brighter days and love for those who died on 9/11.

    Meglin Bodner

  9. I read an article called “At Pentagon, No Words Will Fill Void” which is about Vice President Joe Biden. He went to speak to some of the families that lost loved ones at the Pentagon a decade ago. He said, “I know what it’s like to receive that call out of the blue that the dearest thing in your life is gone.” He’s referring to a call he got when his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash. So he can relate to the people that lost their family and friends on September 11th. Lauren A.

  10. 9/11 Remembering
    At St. Paul’s chapel in New York it functions as a refuge for rescue and recovery workers after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. It is full of cards banners, artifacts and mementos of a distressed time. More than 1.5 million people a year make a pilgrim’s visit, or at least a tourist stop, there. There were be a lot of music performed there from all different artists and bands.
    This article showed more than I could know about how the people who passed away on September 9, 2001 are remembered. Music starts at Wednesday and goes all the way up to Sunday with music remembering the lost on 9/11. More than 1.5 million people come there a year to see the chapel. It honestly must be a life changing experience to go there and see all the memories inside the chapel. Someday I hope to visit St. Paul’s someday and see all things that the chapel is full of.

    Ari 5

  11. I read an article from about Chris Young who is an actor/ singer but at the time, was working for Marsh & McLennan insurance company. On the morning of September 11th he was delivering a package to his boss on the 99th floor. Young got in the elevator at 8:44 a.m. The American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower at 8:46 a.m. The elevator came to a hault and he was covered in dust. He got a hold of someone over the intercom and told the him location and that he was trapped. When nobody had come by 9:15 he shouted "hello?!" There were people also trapped in the elevator next to him and they replied by saying that they couldn't contact anyone and not to try and open the doors himself. At 9:40 he shouted over to the others trapped and there was no reply, they had escaped on their own and told firefighters about him. He then heard a loud rumble and he covered his face in his shirt, it was the south tower collapsing. After 20 minutes the power went out and he hit the alarm button again and when there was no response he tried to open the doors himself and they opened easily, he was luckily in the lobby. He started walking out and a fire fighter said "run!" Chirs Young was the last person to successfully escape from an elevator. The north tower collapsed at 10:28.I feel that 9/11 was a tradgic day, nobody deserves to be killed in that way, and for no reason. Chris Young was VERY lucky that day.Emma period 5

  12. I read an article from about post-traumatic stress disorder which is still found in 9/11 victims. All though there are many victims in this article there is one victim that stood out to me. Her name is Dr.Dessau her husband had died and after that she closed herself off from her friends, she lost 20 pounds, and she couldn't even look at the spot where the towers used to be. Like her most of us remember everything from that day, but I can't even imagine being there and witnessing it. That truly must be something that affects you for the rest of your life because it forever changed the world. The day was something that nobody will ever forget and for the people that were there I am sure that they close their eyes sometimes and that is all they see and that must make it hard to function. Even a decade after the attack people still have post-traumatic stress and that really is not a shock to me because it was such a huge event. I am sure that another decade from now people will still have post-traumatic stress because no matter what that will never be something anyone will ever be able to forget and for the people that were there I am sure it will never be something that they won't think about on a day to day basis.
    Kelsie Period: 5

  13. My reaction to the article I read about airport security becoming more strict after 9/11 was that it's a good thing. Some people were afraid to fly but after 9/11 it put different fears in customer's heads other than plane crashes- plane hijackings. Going through these seemingly radical methods of security at airports helps keep people safer and makes them more confident that they will indeed be safe on the airplane. Most likely an airplane won't be hijacked, so a lot of people who get searched don't really need to be, but you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of people.
    Brooke Dedushi (Second part of response)


    I read “Post 9/11 travel: What airport security cost us” by Jessica Dickler. In this article, Jessica talks about how much improvement has been done to the airports security on terrorist. Some things they have done are made a $2.50 security fee for anyone who is going on the plan, this is a mandatory and must be payed addition to your flight cost. Another thing that they have cut down on since then is the free bag of peanuts and soda you used to get when flying. Now you have to pay for anything you want, to help pay for all this security. Seeing how we have not had a terrorist attack in a decade, this idea is working out pretty well and should be continued even if it means going to the airport 30 minutes early or having to pay for the peanuts or soda. I personally don’t think that the idea of putting more people on one flight is that good of a idea because that means there’s more chance for a mistake to happen of a terrorist threat to occur. Jessica also has talked about the lower numbers of people flying after September 11th. I can even notice that in my family we would always go to disney like once or even twice a year, right around that time we didn’t continue to go as much and i feel that its because of 9/11. Hopefully another event like this will not re-occur and cause the security to go even more tight on safety and cost.

    -Zack b

  15. This article talks about how nearly one year after the attacks of 9/11 the workers continued to clean up the site of debris and the bodies. In memory of 9/11 George Bush pledges to rebuild the World Trade Center site as an inspiring symbol of American resilience. He also asked many architects to submit designs for the rebuilding of the site that would be chosen as the winner. Then in 2003 there was another design contest to honor the men, women and children that were killed in 9/11 terrorist attacks and also the bombing of the world center trade. The design was called Reflection Absence; it has two large waterfalls and reflecting pools. In 2005 they started constructing the memory foundation which are towers and buildings that represent the fallen twin towers.
    I think that 9/11 is a very important day in the United States. It symbolizes USA coming together as a country and having a nationalistic pride in helping their country as a whole.
    -Jennyfer J