Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blog Assignments Due Thursday

1. Complete all three posts.
2. Print out the picture used for Blog # 1. Please print out your post as well.
3. Read through the comments of your classmates and choose at least one to comment upon. "I like what Joe S. had to say in Per. 3....)j


  1. (I know this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I don't see anywhere else to post it and I have no other time to do it now, so sorry!)

    I wanted to make a comment about number 6 on the Nickle and Dimed question sheet. I agreed with the group in class that said the American Dream is that with hard work and dedicaion you can achieve all you want in life no matter where you come from and that varies from person to person. And I believe this directly corrolates to us now. We are in school and each of us work only as hard as we want too and I feel like its the beginning of shaping what the Dream is for ourselves. Also, I wanted to talk about question number 10. I belive the basic challenge between acheiving the decent fit is coping with your wants and knowing your needs. Without that, it's impossible to know what from what. I have to disagree with Barbara when it comes to question 9. Poverty is in no way sustainable, and I don't think the nonpoor generally see it as such. I believe that the non poor generally believe that poverty is "temporary" and that people don't stay there for the rest of their lives. Also, I think they believe that it is easy to get out of. And Lastly, I'm confused about question 3. What does she mean by "costs"? hope we discuss it in class tomorrow.

    Cat Period 7

  2. I'm also not sure where to put this, but I'll go along with Cat.

    I know that question 6 is not totally about The American Dream, but I'd just like to follow up on today. At this time, our country is not in good shape and I believe that part of our problem is that it isn't quite possible for everyone to live their American Dream. Has it or will it ever be possible is a good question, but the fact still remains that unlike other countries, we in America can work as hard as we want to achieve that dream. This is a rather corny example, but I have a feeling that if Obama ever said that he was going to be President of the United States when he was a child no one would have believed him. Not only because of his race, but because he came from a home with a single mother and not a lot of money. He worked hard though and now he is the President. We have a problem in our country, that the minimum wage is not enough money to live in the country. People will most often look at the poor and just think to themselves, "Why don't they get a job?" What these people don't realize is that in most cases these people have jobs, but the money they make is not enough to cover living expenses. Either minimum wage has to go up or living prices have to go down. Currently these prices are moving in a direction against what is good for the poor and middle class. Every single family should have the right to not worry about where their next meal is going to come from. I thought that Barbara Ehrenreich did a great job of bringing these problems to light.

    Ryan B. Period 5