Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Flowers" by Alice Walker (Deepening Our Understanding)

Part of the difficulty that many students had comprehending this story has to do with the lack of background knowlege of the lynchings that have taken place in our country. Students also missed little details throughout the story that would have helped determine the racial background of the characters. Many students missed the descriptions of Myop's hands. Others, depite the definition being given to them, did not know what a noose was. Unfortunately, this part of our Nation's history has recently made headlines. Sadly, many of our BHS students have not heard of the "Jena 6." Here is an excerpt from the link below:

"The hard evidence of racism in Jena showed up months before the assault, in the form of a noose tied to an oak tree. This incident was straight out of a story from the Old South: A black student at Jena High School asked at a student assembly if he could sit under a large oak tree that was unofficially called the "white tree" because white students gathered under it in Jena High's informally segregated campus. The principal told the assembly that any student could sit wherever he or she liked. After the assembly, several black students sat under the "white tree." The next day, white students hung three nooses from the tree. The school principal recommended their expulsion, but the school board instead suspended them from school for three days" (

Here is some background information on lynchings:

"It Happened Here" (REQUIRED READING)
Duluth residents face the painful lessons of a 1920 lynching.
by Tim Walker

"Lynching"-Wikipedia- Scroll down to "Unit
ed States"

The Scottsboro Case was called a “legal lynching”. The Scottsboro Boys were nearly lynched, quickly tried, and sentenced to death for supposedly raping two white women in a railroad car near Scottsboro, Alabama.

Your assignment-Due Friday:
What have you learned about this topic of lynching that you did not already know? How can this information help you to better understand the story? What is your reaction to "Jena 6"?


  1. i had never heard of lynching before yesterday and had no idea what it was. I have now heard fit and now what it is. I think it's a really bad thing and people who do it should be killed.

  2. I already knew about lynching but i didnt know that they make post cards of them to show other people is just wrong but back then they probably thought it was the best thing to do and it was funny.

  3. Skyler Per. 8

    i knew about lynching before i enterd the class, but i still think its a terrible thing to do. i never knew that people would take pictures of lynchigns and send them as postcards. that is atrocious to me, i could never stand by and watch something like that happen. the only thing that talking about lynching cleared up for me was i thought that in the story Flowes, it was a suicide, i never thought of it as being a lynchings.

  4. I never knew about lyniching or what it was until i read some articles yesterday and reading more about it today in class. I never knew that they would make postcards out of people getting lynched or hung because it is so horrible to look at and i bet to watch. You can tell how much time has changed from when people actually enjoyed watching someone get hung and then making postcards out of it and smiling. I didn't understand the story Flowers until Mrs. Baker told us that it was an african american man that got hung and it wasn't a suicide. The Jena 6 was awful to. Why can't we all jsut live in peace and not have "white trees" to sit under. At our school I don't see too much racism and I am glad for that. What those kids did was totally disrespectful and uncalled for. I would feel horribleif anyone ever insulted me the way they did if i sat under a certain tree that i wasn't supposed to sit under. People don't fully understand until it actually happens to them. I always knew about people getting hung back in the slavery times but i never heard it called lynching before. Not many people in my lass really knew what it was. Nobody even really understood the point of the flowers story and what happened to the guy with the noose.

  5. Before researching this topic I had no prior knowledge to what lynching was. Throughout doing my research I learned lynching was a system of punishment that resulted in a person being hung and killed. These terrible killing were illegal murders. I also learned that lynching involved white men attacking a black man. Lynching is a brutal part of African American history. After completing my research I have a much better understanding and appreciation of the short story Flowers. I now no why this man was found dead and looked like he suffered a rough murder. My reaction to the story is I agree with Melissa Taylor. I can relate to her because yes I knew blacks were discriminated, but not to this extent. I think that Jena six is a crazy story. The six black boys I believe were punished more than what a white person would have been punished with. The town of Jena is now dealing with a lot of racial controversies. My thoughts toward Jena six is why put so much energy into hating and discriminating. Everybody should be looked at equally.
    Lindsey Helbling period 8

  6. Before I entered the class, I already knew what lynching was. I also knew that back then, people were very proud of lynching and supported it greatly. What I didn't know was that they had actually made postcards from it, which is what I find very horrible and devastating. I also knew about the Jena 6 and I think that it's atrocious that such a thing would even be started in the first place (with the "White Tree"). I already understood the story we read in class and understood the symbolic meanings, but if someone didn't understand racism/lynching/what happened in the past- this article would benefit them greatly.

  7. Before reading "It Happened Here", I had no idea of what lynching was; I hadn't even heard of the term. Reading the article was a huge surprise to me as I did not realize how much racism truly went on back then. I think that it is very ironic that in the 1920s article, the convicts were found guilty of robbery and rape, yet the crowd committed unwarranted abuse and actual murder. It is so disturbing to realize that not only was there lynching in the past, but also that they were proud of it. To make it into an actual postcard is so unsettling and dismaying.

    Now that I have learned about lynching, I finally understand the meaning of the story, "Flowers". Before I did not truly realize the importance of the noose and I did not even notice the race of both Myop and the dead man. Reading "It happened Here" completely opened my eyes and made me understand so much more.

    Previously I did not find Jena 6 as appalling as I do now. I did not realize the full symbolization of the nooses, and how hurtful and discriminating it was. Jena 6 is such a terrible event as it makes us realize that racism is still out there, even after almost 150 years after the civil war.

  8. I had heard of lynching before but I never knew what it was until I read about it in the articles. I didn't know that they made postcards of lynching either. I found that lynching is when people are hanged and killed which is terrible. I now understand the Flowers story better after reading these articles and talking about it more in class. I think that Jena 6 is horrible because people should just be treated equally and not be discriminated by their race. Students should not have to sit under certain trees, they should be able to sit wherever they want to and not have a "White Tree" or "Black Bleachers."

    Heather, period 1

  9. Before reading the articles I had never even heard the term lynching before in my life. Now I am so glad I finally took the time out to really learn about it. What really killed me was when I was reading the Jena 6 they stated "Every time the white people did something … they dropped it, and every time the black people did something, they blew it out of proportion." I think that is totally uncalled for. It shouldn't matter who you are to figure out the punishment, but the crime that you did. And what those kids did to those African boys was just disturbing.
    When I was reading "It Happened Here" they mentioned an incident when they would lynch people and the side people would just take pictures and make postcards with a smile on their faces. I just think that is awful! How you could just watch a human being get hanged is unbearable.
    I think these articles could definitely help me understand the story so much better. When the girl stepped on the dead body that was hung, I just thought she stepped on a dead body. I never knew the whole background of it all. So when I read the story again it will have so much more meaning to it. Also I will definitely look out for articles on lynching more often in the media.

  10. i had never heard the word lynching but i knew what hanging was which is the same thing. i didn't know that people watched and took pictures of the victims. and they made them into postcards. this has to be cruel and unuasal punishment. this will make other generations think that lynching is fun to watch. also the jena 6 was horrible too. the black studenets had the right to sit at the tree and the other students hung nooses there. then they weren't expelled but suspended. thenone white child brought a shot gun and aimed it a black student. the black student got the gun away from him and was charged for theft and the kid with the shot gun didn't get in trouble at all. whats up with that? the jury system is totally unfair to black people and their rights.
    doug perio 5

  11. i have heard of linching before but i didnt know much about it now that i have read and learned more about it for exmle i never new they ued to take pictures and make postcards out of them. after reading mor about lynching i can understand why the girl did what she did when she saw the bkrn noose. I think jena is very bad because the white kids who hanged the noose's have caused so much drama when they could have just shared the tree.

  12. the lynching of countless african americans is horrible, and the worst part was that it was usually legal and encouraged. segregation and racist crimes are ugly parts of our history as a country, and hopefully wont be part of our future. i was shocked to find that even in the northern states, where i thought that racism wasnt as prominent, that lynchings still occured. the thought of actually making a spectacle of such a grim action is sickening. hopefully such terrible things are in the past.

  13. I've known what lynching was for a while,but i always thought it only occured down south. I never imagened that it occured as far up north as Minnesota and in a time as recent as the 1920's. The fact that they used to make postcards with pictures of the lynchings on them shows that they truely had no concern for those peoples lives. The stories coming from Jena high school show that racism still exists even in this modern day.

  14. I first learned about lynching in the 8th grade and learned how terrible it actually is. I think that i pretty much understood what was going on in the short story that we had to read so no i don't think it will actually help me but it does show how terrible lynching is. I think the jena six is absolutely ridiculous. I understand the jena six were angry for what had happened but you don't just go beating people up for what happened. I totally disagree with what they did but i do understand why. I think that lynching is terrible and i think the things that are going on in this school are terrible as well.

  15. I had already heard about lynching when I entered this class. I didn't have a lot of knowledge about it, but I knew the general idea of it. It's hard to think that this once happened, but it's extremely hard to believe that this sort of things are still happening today. Of course they aren't as bad, but it's ridiculous. You would think that are country filled with diversity would have matured and developed since those horrible days of lynching. Unfortunetly, it hasn't so I think that people need to change. For example, with Jena 6, it says that when the black people did something racist to the white people, they would get in hugge trouble, but when white people did bad things to black people it was no big deal. It seems to me that the Jena community has some issues that they need to overcome like most communities in the U.S. I know that other communities have the same issues. People should be treated equal no matter what skin tone.

  16. I have known what lynching was for a far about of time now but the idea of it happening in the northern states is a shock to me. I thought that I happened more throughout the southern states. The thought of those men hanging there make me disgraced to call my self an American. The segregation that took place back then and still does today is not only sickening but inhumane.

  17. I knew what lynching was before I read these articles. I just never took into consideration that it was actually a popular thing to watch a long time ago. It's hard to imagine that people took photographs and made postcards out of them. The sad part is that we thought racism was over and it really is not. Reading about the Jena six, I realize how much alive racism is. I think that the kids who put the nooses on the tree should be expelled. All this should help people understand "Flowers" more because now they know that the skeleton in the story was lynched.
    -Anja, Period 5

  18. When I first heard the word lynching, it was a while ago. I learned about it in middle school in 8th grade. I knew that lynching took place years or centuries ago, but I had no idea that people STILL to this day, encouraged it or believed in it. For example, "The Jena 6". After the blacks said they wanted to sit under the "white tree" the next day, the whites hung nooses from the oak tree. So the black kids got so hurt and mad that they beat up the kids. Especially this one kid, who taunted them the most. One of the kids got sent to jail. I think this is the worst case ever. How could the white kids get off so easily for what they did? I don't believe this. It goes to show they are still racists out there.
    By learning more about lynching it definitely help me better understand the story. In the story it showed that lynching occurred in Myop’s town in the past. Just like in the 2nd article where the girl finds the postcard in her parents chest. She found out that lynching occurred not too long ago, only in 1920, in her very own town. These kind of things make you wonder what kind of world we are living in today. It truly saddens me to see that there are people still out there today who act like this. We are a new generation so we shold overcome this hate for eachother and move on.

    Kiana, period 5

  19. Before our class talked about lynching, I already knew what it was. What I didn't know, was that people used to take photos and send them as postcards, that is not only extremely racist. it is messed up and disgusting. Applying this to Jena 6, I still think it is terrible, expecially that the kids who made the nooses only got suspended for three days when the Jena 6, was going to get 11 years in prison for getting into a fight. I believe this issue shouldn't have happened and that the white tree is no longer segregated and neither is the campus. But if the school doesn't want it that way and all else fails, they should solve this case in a proper trial with appropriate consequences.

    Ryan P.1

  20. Before entering the class I already had heard of Lynching. I also knew that in the past the general consensus on lynching is that it was the "right" thing to do, and was heavily supported, I did not know that actual postcards where made in the past, but I did not think it was not feasible. I had also heard of "Legal Lynchings", as in the Scottsboro Case. In these cases Lynchings where the sentence by the judge, and it was considered constitutional and fair. Already being well educated in the information I feel that I would get the same reaction out of the story Flowers.
    With that said I feel that Jena 6 is a highly controversial and can be easily interpreted differently. I feel that some parts of Jena 6 are appalling, but others are misunderstood and disproportionated. I find it hard to believe that the students got significantly higher sentences because of their race. All throughout the news you can see instantances were prosecutors have tried to beef up sentences (I.E. Duke lacrosse Team), and punishments, and where a good laywer (or lack thereof) has changed a person's outcome in court (I.E. Famous stars being let off easy because of money being invested into a lawyer).
    I think the real issue here, is the self-segregation in the school, and the use of lynching threats as scare tactics. This clearly shows that there is a problem in the current way of thinking in the young generation there, that could lead to worse acts of racial discrimination in the future.

    ~Dan A. Period 1

  21. Normally understanding stories comes easily to me ; but that was not the cause with " the flowers ". Until our class discussions and the articles we read in class , i was completly unaware of lynching etc. With my knowledge of it now, a whole new side of the story is reavealed. Obviously, wihtout question this is horible , and completly unesisary; it shows how sick and evil our world can be. It's a nice thought to have all of thise people who partake in this be thrown in jail for lifetime/death sentance, but knowing our cops etc. there are as bad as us and this would most likely not be inforced AT ALL.Although i am not syaing wht the ckids in jena 6 were involved with was right, but in a way you cant blame them. For generations there " people " have been treated with lack of respect in sooooooo many ways, althought there are other ways .. that was there way of reacting. We seam to make such a HGUE deal about bullying, but you don't see the white students getting in trouble ..??

  22. I think I have heard the term lynching before but never quite knew what it meant until now. It is absolutely terrible and very inhumane. I think it is sick and cruel that people would take pictures of lynchings and put them on postcards. It is horrible and almost unbelieveable that people in the US supported lynching. It is hard to believe anyone would think to do such a racist and cruel act. Knowing what lynching is will most definitly give me a better understanding of the story and open up a different side to it. I think lynching is too horrifying to thing about let alone take pictures of and I am glad i now have a full understanding of what lynching is so i can relate it back to the story.

    -Krista period 1

  23. Before reading these articles, I had heard of the word "lynching" but I had never originally knew what it meant. Now, I understand that it is "the practice of inflicting summary punishment upon an offender, by a self-constituted court armed with no legal authority." (Wikipedia), which basically means killing someone without due process of law. I believe lynching is a horrible, racist action that shouldn't have been brought up at Jena High School, when nooses were hung from the "white tree” after blacks had sat under it.

    I was honestly surprised after learning that racism still existed prominently throughout the 1900s, as lynching was a popular practice that occurred often. I had thought that by the early to mid-1900s, racism would've whittled down and people would've been more accepting of each other. Obviously, this isn't the case as racism exists presently, represented by the informal segregation and unfair prosecutions in Jena.

    This information can help me better understand "The Flowers" because now I understand that lynching was a common practice for years in the 1900s, when a lot of innocent black people were hung from nooses. In the story, Myop was happy and carefree until the last line, "And the summer was over,” indicating the loss of her innocence after coming across the dead man's body.

    I was surprised after hearing about the Jena 6, a fairly recent event. I felt that there were obvious signs of racism because the article repeatedly stated how the white people were let off easily when they did something wrong while the black people were prosecuted for their misdeeds. I agreed with the major point of the article, instead of “Freeing the Jena 6”, as the protestors’ signs read, the black, anonymous students who defied the informal segregation and sat under the “white tree” should’ve received more attention. My reasoning is based on the fact that while Jena 6 had beaten up a white kid and had been prosecuted (which was viewed as racism), these students bravely took a stand against segregation though received little attention for their actions. I hope events like Jena 6 and the lynching in Duluth in the 1920s will help people to learn from their mistakes and appreciate one another better, regardless of race.

    Haleema, Period 1

  24. Before I read this article, I had never actually heard of the term lynching, but I had heard of the policy. I think it is a terrible, embarrassing part of America's history but it should never be forgotten. Those who fell to the horrible, beastly tradition of lynching should always be honored, respected, and remembered.

    After I read the article, I believe I had a better understanding of Alice Walker's short story, "Flowers". Now, I better understand the story's ending in which Myop finds the remains of a lynched black man. Before I made this connection, I thought that it was a suicidal hanging.

    While I had heard of the Jena 6, I didn't understand their full story. I knew about the nooses hung from the "White Tree", and I essentially knew what they symbolized, but this article gives them an entire new meaning. The fact that this kind of thing goes on today, let alone 80 years ago, is appalling to me. I believe that racial discrimination of any kind, especially to these extents, is unjust and completely unforgivable.

  25. As I sit down to write this essay, one thing echoes in my mind: you shouldn't have had to assign it. It's not the students' fault, far from it; nor is it their teachers'. But why are our children so frighteningly ignorant of such a graphic atrocity? How can the knowledge of this injustice be so common, yet so obscure, that no one has taught them about their ancestors' most shocking evils?
    Speaking as a student, I was taken aback when more than half the class confessed their unfamiliarity with, not only the term, but the matter itself. I don't remember when I learned what lynching meant. I was young, surely; I probably looked at whatever page I was reading in disbelief, horror and shame rising like bile in my throat. But I was far removed from it then. Lynching was the thing of the past. An impossible evil, yes, but no more relevant than cat-o'-nines and iron maidens.
    It's taken until now to understand that I was wrong.
    Lynching was the perfect hate crime: cruel, drawn-out, and public. Perhaps segregation and slavery are things of the past, but hate never has been. Whether it ever will be is another question altogether.
    In Duluth, at least, steps are being taken to heal old wounds by opening them to the sun.
    The infamous lynching postcard was unearthed years ago, and although the topic has only been brought up recently, the residents are working to raise awareness about Duluth's not-so-picturesque past.
    In Jena the news is not so good. Students at a high school in the small town recently used nooses as a symbol of racism, white pride and hostility. Although the principal recommended expulsion, little action was taken by the boards. The conflict escalated rapidly, resulting in several incidents and culminating in the beating of one white student and the arrest of several black assailants. Such open racial tension is alien to us here, but how many other small towns are embroiled in invisible wars?
    Alice Walker's story was a piece of history, but its plot and themes remain disturbingly relevant. Perhaps we need to read more stories like this, in class and on our own. Only education can help end violence.

  26. "The Flowers" really showed a good picture of what lynching was really like back then. The story we read on the internet showed really how the kids didn't like black people when they put up the nooses. If it was a normal fight or anything else like that, the kids would be expelled or suspeneded for a longer period of time. But, because it was down south and because it had to do with race, the kids were only suspended for three days. If it was up here, they would definitely be expelled.

  27. I learned that lynchings were actually a common thing back in the day. I learned that just because of someones race you could be hung. And when I read about JEnna 6 i realized they actually can still happen today. I was surprised that students actually did that. I dont think it was right for the Jenna 6 to go and beat up a white guy.

  28. i didn't really know that much about lynching until english class this week. i think it horrible that people would do that, and make post cards out of it just to show people you were there at the lynching. the world has changed so much over the years, people never hear about this things happening today, or if it does then there will be Major consequences to who ever does it. i just think it horrible how someone can do that to another person.

    jena 6 is another thing i think that if the black kids are going to be penalized the white kids should too. i think that for what the white kids did they deserved what they got. also whay are the black kids going to be judged as adults?, that not fair to them. the lest they can do is if the black kids get penalized the white kids should too.

  29. I never heard of lynching before in my life, but I am glad that i finally learned about it. People are people and really we are all the same and we shouldn't judge our selves based on skin color, religion, or other views. It's very hard to believe that civilized people would enjoy death so much, it seemed pleasurable for them. This helps me better understand the story in a lot of ways. I thought that the skeleton committed suicide and it never crossed my mind that he was hung to death. I thought that it was a very kind thing of Myop to place the flowers that she picked for the skeleton. I wonder if the skeleton was somebody that Myop knew, or even somebody in her family.
    My thoughts and views on Jena Six is that both of the white and black students should be punished. Hanging three nooses on the oak tree was improper and a very immature thing to do and they should be punished fairly. Also, when the black students beat up the white student, they should also get punished fairly, just like anybody else in the same situation would. The town of Jena obviously has a lot of problems and many other towns around the world may have similar problems. The town officials should do something to help both sides so that they could get along before the problem gets even worse.

  30. I didn't know what lynching was until English class this week. What shocked me the most about it was that people sent postcards from a lynching. They took pictures of themselves smiling at a lynching. They actually thought that it was a fun thing to watch. Lynching is a terrible thing to do and the people who did it deserve to die.

    I didn't really understand the story Flowers until I learned what lynching was. Now I know that the man was hung because he was black, when before I thought that it was sicide.

    Jena six was a terrible thing. The fact that the whites only got a warning for hanging a noose on a tree and the six blacks who tried to beat up a white kid got arrested and are being put on trial, shows that there is still a lot of racism in Louisiana. We need to protest this and get rid of racism in the south. It is not fair to the blacks.

  31. Before today, I didn't know what lynching was. I now know what it is, and feel that it is a horrible thing. I can't believe that people would make post cards about people being tortured to death. That is just wrong. I mean, how could you do that?
    The Jena 6 is a horrible thing too. In my opinion The white kids had no right, to hang a noose from the tree. The tree was not just theirs. But the black kids should not have beat the white kids up either. There are better ways, that this could have been handled. I feel that both the white and the black kids should be punished. Both of them were wrong.

    Melissa, period 7

  32. I've already known what exactly lynching is, and the horrors that accompany it, but I did not even begin to tap into how much it has affected our society in the past (even recently, with Jena 6). This information helps me as a reader understand the story a lot better because now I have developed a new perspectives. Overall, lynching is cruel, unusual, and inhumane. It sickens me that we Americans used to do this to other people throughout history.

    As for the "Jena 6" case, I cannot believe that something as disgusting as this has happened. However, I can agree that the issue is highly controversial - both sides pose great arguments. This is displayed when the author writes, "When you think about it, the logic that underlies the demand to free the Jena 6 comes down to this: These six young men were justified in kicking their lone victim senseless because other people who shared his race committed offenses against other black students." I personally think it was wrong for the African- American students to hurt a white student because he shared the same race as those who insulted them. But, this can be countered - one could say that it is just plainly insane and cruel that white students would hang nooses on the "white tree." All in all, I agree with the author when I say that this is probably the most important thing to think about when pondering the Jena 6 case - "The injustice here is not that they are being prosecuted for their crime—it is that the many other wrongs that preceded the assault have been inadequately addressed." And, my fellow students, is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Corey W, Period 1

  33. I have heard of the term hanging which is very similar to lynching. I've learned about it a lot in middle school especially in 5th grade. In the article "It Happened Here" I couldn't believe that everyone who helped with the lynching posed for a picture and then made postcards out of it. That is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard. It's horrible to know that racism still exists. Everyone should be treated equal. The Jena 6 is an example of rascism because white people hung nooses on a tree that black people sat under and didn't get in trouble. Then when the black people started to fight for their rights they were the ones who got in trouble. This is a terrible event that occured and I hope that one day no one will be judged by the color of their skin.
    Heather Period 7

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